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Care For a Swim?


I’ve been in a bikini sort of mood, so I went to search out new swimwear!  The fatpack of bikinis are a gift to celebrate the grand opening of SWANSONG.  The bikinis come with aqua, fuschia, jungle, lime, royal, and rust.  For all of you wondering, this isn’t Whisper’s store!

After all that shopping I had to relax a bit!

VLIET SHAPES has a free Alina bikini.  There is also a set of eyes in the gift bag next to it, so pick those up too if you are in need of eyes!

The No. 45 glasses are in the group lucky board at December until May 30th.  The glasses have 9 12 frame colors, 9 lens colors, and 11 transparency options!  The brunette Cara hair from EMO-tions is a gift to every 200th store visitor.

The kiddie wadding pool is one of the L$50 Friday offers from Long Awkward Pose.  As of this post, the Friday specials are still available.  So go get your own pool, this one isn’t big enough for all of us!


*Swansong: Penang Bikinis (L$0)
Bill ( 223/54/46 )

*VLIET SHAPES: Alina Bikini (L$0)
M State Marseille ( 224/30/23 )

*December: No.45 Glasses (Group/Lucky Board – L$0)
Undulosa ( 231/89/797 )

*EMO-tions: Cara Hair (L$0)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Amacci: Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*EMO-tions: Cara Hair (L$0)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Author: Renee Lowenhart

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2 thoughts on “Care For a Swim?

  1. LULZ, the expression on yer face in the last pic one just knows that paddly pool is going to be a jacuzzi!


  2. LOL yes or like Im about to give birth or something. hehe