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Leather and Denim

It’s a denim filled day with a bit of leather thrown in. I popped over to subVersion and grabbed the Make Him Over Hunt gift. I was surprised when i opened it up how much was wrapped up in the tiny package. The first part of the gift included this Blue Denim and Leather combination. Leather pants in both black and blue with a denim shirt and leather vest and you can mix and match the pieces to have several different looks. Completing the look is the Duh! Men’s Grey Buckled Boots which are also part of the MHOH. These boots come with a resizer, which is always welcome for someone like me who hates adjusting the fit.

Subversion Navy Denim Leather composit

The second half of the gift from subVersion wasn’t denim but I had to show you this Pea Coat. It is nicely detailed and should keep you warm after that virtual sun sets. I paired it with the AQUA Boat Club Pants from the Orange set.

subVersion Chalkstripe Pea Coat AQUA Brown Boat Club Pants

Next is the BalAni Hooded Shirt and White stitched Jeans. This is a group gift from BalAni and well worth joining. The jeans can be cuffed or uncuffed. On my feet are my perennial HOC Skootchers.

BelAni Hooded shirt and Jeans

Over at Scars, this Printed T-Shirt is a group Join gift. I like the 3/4 sleeve on this shirt and the texture detailing.

Scars Ptinted T BalAni White Stiched Jeans

Finally from Zenith Fashions is the Grey Hooded Sport jacket. This can be found on the MHOH as well. I love the shirt underneath poking out below and above this hoodie.

Zenith Sport Jacket Grey

*subVersion Blue/Denim/Leather Combo MHOH #96 ($0L)
*subVersion Chalkstripe Pea Coat MHOH #96 ($0L)
SUBVERSION CLOTHES, Impulse Island (54, 175, 31)

*DUH! Men’s Grey Buckled Boot MHOH #81 ($0L)
DUH!, Katachi (216, 30, 22)

*AQUA Brown Boat Club Pants (Orange Outfit) ($10L)
AQUA, Coconut Beach (81, 128, 22)

*BalAni Hooded Shirt and White stitched Jeans Group Gift ($0L)
BalAni Men’s Shop, Serenity Falls Island (203, 143, 37)

*HOC Skoochers Brown/Grey 2 Pack ($10L)
HOC Industries – House of Curios, Upper Fenland (47, 38, 66)

*Scars Printed T-Shirt Join Gift ($0L)
Scars, Killtower (241, 52, 3603)

*Zenith Grey Sport Jacket MHOH #56 ($0L)
Zenith Fashion, Fujin (27, 141, 28)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose ans Glitterati


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