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It’s a Hairy Situation!


Head over to Hairy Situations for a pack of 33 hairstyles in 33 different colors!  For only L$10 you get 33 different styles to choose from.  Also, while you’re there check out the 50% off sale going on!  So you want to see the hairstyles???

1. Addison in brown butter, 2. Becca in cherry tree, 3. Berlitz in light green,

4. Breeze in hubba bubba, 5. DebbiePebbles in milk Chocolate, 6. lulu in black (the head scarf is texture changeable)

7. Lilly in baby blue, 8. Mariska in frappe, 9. Mimi in blonde, 10. Noel in silver (I love this hair for the winter months!!!)

11. Scoop in cocoa, 12. Tuli in bitter chocolate, 13. Unkept in natural red, 14. X-mAs Anarchy in pitch black,

15. Favorite Things in fields (yes, snowflakes fall around this style!!!), 16. Reese in doll, 17. Una in ember,

18. Brie in Rapture, 19. Cookie in cotton candy, 20. Yasmine in grey,

21. Boogie Nights in lava (the head scarf is texture changeable!), 22. Valencia in Luuuuucy!, 23. Callie in sunkissed red,

24. Allie in wild red, 25. Doll in light green, 26. Night-life in nutmeg, 27. The Diva III in mahogany,

28. Daphne in haystack, 29. Wet T-shirt in camel, 30. Calolily in doll,

31. Vivienne in fired up!, 32. Cassandra in honey, 33. Autumn in biscotti.


*Hairy Situations: Sample Hair Pack (L$10)
Fleets Cove Beach ( 37/95/22 )

*Amacci: Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Author: Renee Lowenhart

Fabulously Free in SL ☆FabFree Blogger: www.fabfree.wordpress.com☆ ★Owner of the FabFree and FabLucky in world groups★

8 thoughts on “It’s a Hairy Situation!

  1. Just wondering why my comment was deleted.


  2. Just like within the group, I do not allow hurtful criticism to be made against designers. This blog is widely read (6,000 – 7,000 views a day) a comment that is spiteful could really hurt someone, plus it’s extremely rude. If there’s nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Also, if you think you can create better, I urge you to do so!


  3. There is a fine line between hurtful criticism and being honest. It’s like we live in a third world country where no one can be criticized or have an opinion. I said they were poor quality. I didn’t call the seller a name or anything. I think most would agree with me. I wasn’t rude and I did not swear. I was honest. We really need more of that around SL and less of this nazi-esque witch hunt stuff with people’s opinions.


  4. There’s a correct and an incorrect way to give “constructive” criticism. IMs and notecards to the designer let them know concerns without the use of a public forum. I do not believe in censoring, but when a comment is deconstructive and could potentially harm a creator, I will not publish it. Hurtful opinions are best not left for everyone to see. If you have concerns about the product IM the creator. Didn’t we just have anti-bullying day???


  5. Yes we did have antibullying day. But how was saying they’re poor quality constitute as bullying. SL takes things to a whole other level. As bloggers we have a duty to provide high quality items to our readers.


  6. As a creator, I would be crushed to have my creations so publicly talked about as worthless or anything similar to that. I wouldn’t mind someone giving suggestions on how I “might” improve my work or an item, privately. I can’t imagine myself ever “dissing” someones work publicly, If I don’t like it? I pass on and find what I do like. There is no need whatsoever to be cruel, and that’s exactly what I think of this as … a cruelty.
    Please take a moment before you hit send to decide if your comments are really neccesary or if you are just being… mean…..



  7. Just because you do not like something or find it up to a perceived standard of quality, doesn’t mean that it everyone will share your ideas. I blog items I often wouldn’t wear again, they might not be my style or particular taste. I often get IMs and emails about things that I questioned even blogging. People like different things.


  8. As I said, using a public forum to voice that you think something is poor quality shows poor judgment. It is EXTREMELY rude and shows no manners at all. If you have concerns privately contact the creator. It is hateful to leave hurtful remarks about a creation on a public blog. And yes, it is considered bullying to publicly bash someone’s work.