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Gimme Pink


Today is pink shirt day.  I’m sure you are wondering, “What IS Pink Shirt day?”


Pink Shirt Day started in a Nova Scotia high school, where a 9th grade boy was being bullied over wearing a pink polo shirt to school.   Senior boys decided to take a stand against the bullying, by wear pink the next day.  They went to a local discount store and bought 50 pink shirts, and distributed them amongst the other boys in their high school. They stood up for their fellow classmate and against the bullies, and made a real difference in someone’s life.


Internationally, people are encouraged to wear pink today to show others that bullying will not be tolerated.

Bullying affects everybody.  In my home town this year 5 teenage children have taken their own lives because they were bullied by peers.  It’s alarming to think that they felt there was no where to turn.

Bullying happens in all settings, not just school.  Bullying happens daily in our Second Life just as often as it does in our first lives.  I have seen first hand the cyber-bullying that goes on within SL.

In FabFree, we often get ridiculed about our shapes, skin, etc.  These are really silly things to insult, because in SL all this can change with the slide of the mouse and click of a button.  Our appearance is our preference in Second Life and if we were not comfortable and accepting then we would have changed by now.

Yesterday, I logged into SL to find three shapes awaiting me along with a message that said my shape was ugly.  My fellow writers have had similar, if not worse, comments.  I think it is time that people realize that in SL (just like RL) people look different.  Many of us base our SL appearance on how we look in our first life.  We are pixels, but we are also humans capable of emotion.  Comments made in SL can hurt a person.

When our amazing new male bloggers recently joined the FabFree writer family, questions of sexuality were left as comments on the blog and in group chat.  Sexual Preferences really shouldn’t matter in any situation.  It has been eye-opening how much hatred there is in SL, a place many use to escape the negativity of RL.

The cyber-bullying continues because it easy to be anonymous and spread negativity.  Today, to show that we do not tolerate bullying there will be a lot of pink shown on FabFree.

I encourage you to reach out to someone who may be victim of bullying.  If you know someone who bullies others, find out why and what is the root cause.  Use this day to talk to your friends, your children, and those around you.  Stand up, make a difference.

*And Wear Pink!*


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Author: Renee Lowenhart

Fabulously Free in SL ☆FabFree Blogger: www.fabfree.wordpress.com☆ ★Owner of the FabFree and FabLucky in world groups★

17 thoughts on “Gimme Pink

  1. You got comments that your shape is ugly? WTF?!? Your shape is one I point out to people specifically because it is more proportionate and and lovely than is typical of SL. Your avatar is shaped like a viable human being.

    Now I’m really curious about what the shapes you were given look like.


  2. I find it appalling that people would be so cruel and bigoted in this day and age.
    Thanks for the article. I commend you.

    As far as the two men whom started recently: I’m sorry that you had to endure that crap.


  3. well… the shapes that were sent were decent, but definitely didn’t pass the SO test. My boyfriend begged me to put my shape back.


  4. Somebody needs to make a prim heart that looks like a real human heart that, when something like this happens, you could send to the bully with a little note saying, “Here, you obviously need one of these.” 🙂


  5. LMAO, i was one that gave you a shape. But not the one that left a rude comment in your IM. I just like to share and since you are allways so generous to others yourself, i figured to return the favour. ;p

    Stay who your are or become who you wanna be. No matter if your SO approves of it or not.



  6. hey! people are stupid. shoes, however, are awesome. i love farah’s stuff….would love to snag those yellow flatties but i don’t see them in group notices? or in her mainstore. did they cycle out from being older than 14 days? let me know. shoes = happiness. thanks for always blogging with integrity, i personally agree that your shape is realistically beautiful, mute anyone who says otherwise.


  7. Oh Hell NO, there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour. Renee I think your shape looks fab, and regarding the new(ish) male bloggers; boys, I too am sorry to hear you had to deal with crap like that.


  8. You’re not the only one who sent me a shape yesterday Escapee. Another sent 3 along with a hateful message. I do not ever change my shape, because I’m quite happy the way it is.


  9. aww, I didn’t even look again. Have to be quick with FabFree notices and gifties, they usually get circulated out within 4 days. Maybe we can convince Farah to put them in one of her stores… and to make them in a baby pink color!


  10. So what exactly is the problem with Renee’s shape? I haven’t found it, so I must be ignorant and lacking in aesthetics, I guess. Although we can obviously see how Whisper Swansong on this blog has an avatar that is clearly “fat” and therefore must be grotesque and subhuman, right?

    “GET REAL”, I say, which is precisely what the women behind these avatars have done. For a change, they are not presenting their SL personae as seven-foot-tall Barbies with J-cup breasts.

    I applaud and salute these women along with other people who dare to be “different” within SL (and RL)… Not unlike my very best and longest friend in SL, Anan Eebus, who has a totally unique shape, wears amazing custom outfits, and has on blue hair ALL the time. And I love her that way.


  11. Our shape is what adds to our individual identity in SL. Stay true to yourself! ❤


  12. People should be allowed to be as individual as they choose to be in SL. The only limit to appearance should be someones imagination and creativity.

    I made my own shape. I started with the default Ruth shape and carved myself carefully in pixels to look how I felt I would be comfortable in SL. Yes it is curvy, soft, squeezable.. fleshy.. it reflects what I find attractive in the female form. Whether other people find it attractive or not I don’t really care and if people want to call me “Fat” or IM me to say that I really need to change my shape because Im ugly or anything else because I don’t match up to their or our society’s standards of beauty, then thats fine.. It has taken me years to start to learn to ignore these people and their point of view. Because thats all it is… a point of view. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I truely everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    I have issues with my body in RL and SL has allowed me to start exorcising some demons in regards to how I percieve myself and how others percieve myself.

    People need to stop arguing over what they or others look like and making people feel worthless over something that in the end isnt really all that important.. what matters is how beautiful your heart and soul is. There isnt any shape in SL or any surgery on earth you can have to change an ugly heart and a spiteful soul.

    /end rant and hands out cookies


  13. Whisper, you’re a hawtie to me……now where’s my cookie? 🙂



    I just wanted to make it known to you and to all that I was not making the “fat” comment as coming from my own point of view, but instead what certain other ignorant people might somehow believe. In actuality, I’ve always felt that you have a truly amazing avatar as shown in this blog.

    I was pointing out your curvy shape as an example of a well-done, realistic female avatar — that doesn’t need to fit into anyone’s pre-conceived “norm” to be beautiful.




  15. *grins and gives Carson a special cookie* I think we might have to do a post together at some point *grins*

    Elspeth.. I wasnt so much specifically responding to your post as using it as a springboard for mine, so I do apologise if you feel like I was targetting you. Reading your post it is clear what you were trying to say. I was just using the “fat” reference from it as it is one of the most commonly used terms to try to be derogatory to someone who is plus size or curvy or above a certain size written in the mythical social rule books of aesthetic perfection.

    Every body is different and unique and I adore that there is so much diversity in both worlds. If anything SL should teach us to be more tolerant because of this.


  16. to Whisper…

    Well-said, and agreed!

    /me shares her hot pan of brownies and pours the milk


  17. If I said I liked your shape would you hold it against me?