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Belleza Female Group Gift – Elle Skin


If you are a member of the Belleza group you will have recieved your group gift of the new skin called Elle! With this new skin comes the introduction of TWO new skin tones. A much paler one  (yay thank you Tricky!) and a darker yummy chocolate skintone.

If you are not in the group, it costs 250L to join and I stress this every time because people always argue that we shouldnt showcase group gift skins from groups you have to pay to join as they are not free to those who arent members. Well, the fact that you are paying 250L to get 7 skin tones of an exclusive make up is unbelievable value for money when you need to consider that one skin tone alone in one make up costs 1200L.. do the math! PLUS if you stay in the group, you qualify for future group gifts! WOW! Really.. it is well well well worth the 250L!

Now on to the piccehs!

This is the new Fair tone which is now the lightest tone.

Fair and Pale

Med and SK

Tan and Deep Tan

The other new skin tone called Mocha

Isnt it so so so pretty! Go and get yours now! Pay the 250L, join the group and check the notices!

5 thoughts on “Belleza Female Group Gift – Elle Skin

  1. Have to thank you all for the amazing website. I come by several times to know all the news. :]
    And so have to thank for putting up this great skin.
    Yeah, you pay a fee, but how many times you pay 250L for unworth things?
    Love the belleza skin. I just loved the last month skin they gave out (Alysson that you can still get in store) is this new one is gorgeous as well.
    thank you Fabfree crew. ^^


  2. Or if you really object to paying the 250L, then just wait until they have a free-join day. You may miss out on this one but if you stay in the group you can get in on the future goodies.


  3. Hey Whisper,
    Great blog by the way. And you are so right regarding the value for money skin. I paid close to $2000L for mine, and didn’t know that you could get skins for such a bargain.

    Well done Fabfree. Keep up the good work!


  4. I’m glad I got in when group membership was free that one time.


  5. Wow where do you get that awesome curvy shape! Or something close…very nice 🙂


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