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Let’s Go To the Library!!!


There are new complete avatars in everyone’s library.  Farah showed many of the hairstyles that were recently added.  I’m here to show the new complete avatars that were added on March 31, 2010!  I’m actually wearing the shapes that are included with each set so that you can see it all.  To find these items open your inventory, then find the library folder.  Look under clothing and you will find the newly added items in the Initial Outfits sub-folder.  There are 6 new complete female and 6 male avatars.

❶ Female City Outfit  ➋ Female Designer Outfit (comes with a blue and pink shirt and scarf option)  ➌ Female Goth Outfit

➍ Female Party Outfit  ❺ Female Rocker Outfit  ❻ Female Student Outfit (Comes with different color variety for the hair and a black skirt)

❶ Male City Outfit  ➋ Male Designer Outfit (Comes with different shirt colors)  ➌ Male Goth Outfit

➍ Male Party Outfit  ❺ Male Rocker Outfit  ❻ Male Student Outfit



Author: Renee Lowenhart

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Go To the Library!!!

  1. wow new players of today have so much better options than us oldies!! 3yrs ago my start up Avi was horrible!!


  2. Its nice there are finally new avatars for newbies, I miss the pink polka dot dress though! :C


  3. LOL now it’s impossible to tell who a noobie is at first glance… unless they have their clothes off because it’s PG skin!


  4. I really like the fact that there’s a variety of ethnic looks among these new avatars – although it’s a shame there’s no female equivalent of the black/Afro skin and hair in the Male Rocker set. The ladies can look Asian or Hispanic, but not black?


  5. Too bad the Male Student has his underwear tattooed on.

    If I had Photoshop, I would be tempted to produce a version of Male Student that was actually “nude”. Girls find him cute and charming and he could probably “score” a lot if he could just get out of his underwear. 😉