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*the way i feel*


… is definately black…. since I’ve switch to the new SL viewer 2.0. There are soo many adjustments made to this new SL viewer…. and I hate this much change in one time!! I suggest you get rid of all your SL habits and pretend you’ve never been in SL before you start this new viewer…. aarrgghhh. This meaning you really are starting all over again (> it took me a whole minute to find my inventory!!!!)… anyway… it has it’s advantages and dislikes for me personally as a blogger, builder and random SL-girly-shopper.
I hate: the flipping out side-bar, which contains ‘home’, ‘my profile’, ‘people’, ‘places’, ‘my inventory’ and ‘my appearance’. Cause everytime I click the arrow to flip out the sidebar, my main screen changes, I hate that i can’t stretch it! I hate that the sidebar is not half-transparant anymore when not using it active… or any other window which isn’t turning half-transparant anymore (if u understand what i mean). I hate that the cameracontrols (which used every minute for picture taking and building) contain more buttons to switch between pan and orbit, also I can’t figure out how to lock them to my main screen. I really really hate that they changed the blue pop-ups, which appeared on the right of your screen. I hate the way groupmessages, notecards, conversations are coming in. I extremely hate the yellow light in ‘my appearance’ mode. Ok… i have a long list here… soo’ll stop here.. if you want to chat about things you hate, IM me when you’re on!! Let’s share frustrations … (oh and solutions!).
I love: the overal interface of SL is very nice in the new viewer 2.0. The favorites bar on top, where you can drag your favorite LM’s. I love the teleport history in the places tabs in the side bar, which contains tp’s by categorie of today, yesterday, 2 days ago and 6 days or older! Amazing! I love that there is a new tattoo layer! And that you can make parts of your body transparant! I loohooveee (especially for blogging) the current outfit folder, which contains ‘links’ of the items you are wearing, so it doesn’t actually move the items from their original location, just makes quicklinks (to trace back the original item in your inventory). So far my experience! I hope LL will improve.. cause i’m not happy yet!

*farah in the new sl 2.0 viewer*

Sooooo almost forgot my little outfit for you… enjoy it.. no words needed here! xxx Enjoy ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

skin – Lara Skin-Antonia bronzed – (not free)
hair – ((JUNWAVE))SpringBreeze*Black* – (not free, from 50% sale)
black top and skirt – “NINIKO”Groupgift’10-03 – 0L (groupgift in store)
white top – !Ohmai: Basics Loose Racerback [Blank] – 0L
thights – !Ohmai: Basics Sheer Leggings [BLANK] – 0L
socks – Doppelganger Inc. – Button Me Up Mountain Valley Socks – grey – (not free)
shoes – HOC – Chucks – Female 30L (color change)
gloves – *SL*/ Luck Inc. Fingerless Gloves Black – (not free)
hat – ((JUNWAVE))HAT*01 WHITE RIBBON – 2L (white/black pack)
piercing mouth – # Noir Lolita Dollarbie Lip Pierce – 1L
bracelet –  # Noir Lolita Cross Check Bracelet Black – 1L (bracelet pack)
tattoo – GrungeInk – Beware Tattoo (Sleeve Only Black) – (not free)


xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

10 thoughts on “*the way i feel*

  1. I tried 2.0 beta & promptly unistalled it. Most of the changes are not intuitive & that’s a move backwards, not forwards.


  2. Thanks for posting this!
    I am glad I’m not the only one who dislikes v2.
    It took me about 10 minutes to find a note card, open it and teleport!
    One of my big pet peeves : the new icons for things in inventory. The icons for skins and clothing are so strange!


  3. I don’t like the favs bar it takes up to much viewing area it should collapse. I like the smooth grayish interface. Compared to the eye sore emerald. ouch…there are ouches in this new viewer.

    A big bug in that the audio out and sounds are fighting the OS control of sounds…I’m sure they will fix that though.

    I like that export snapshot in hi rez actually works now, but there distortions , i’m sure they will iron out.


  4. and search’? where is it?? *me keeps her emerald tight*


  5. my emerald is identical to Sl viewer…why eye sore?Oo


  6. Farah, try the SL Emerald Viewer. I love it! It’s a greatly improved SL viewer, pre-new interface. It has built in radar, 3 inventory tabs: all, recent and worn, you can TP to someone on the same sim by clicking on their name, you can TP to a spot just by clicking on it….. the list goes on and on.

    It’s fab! 🙂


  7. Thanks for the review of the beta viewer! You know I have been hesitant to download and try it out! and I think I’m gonna wait til it’s mandatory!




  9. I read something on the SL LL website about other viewers (than the main SL viewer) are no longer being allowed, and if LL finds out, they might ban you from SL and close your account. I hope i interpreted right, but I decided not to use other viewers for a while. If this is true or not please tell me… (english is not my first language.. and I tend to understand wrong… LOL)!!

    xxx Farah


  10. I hate the same which you hate. I hate it so much that I’m not using the 2.0 at all now. I tried using it for 2 days time but no.. I’ll stick to the older a bit longer.

    Seriously silly if the other viewers no longer are allowed by LL. Like the Emerald one is much better than the “old” SL viewer and 2.0. If only LL could make some changes, or if one could choose between several ones 😛 Or… fancy.. put together your own viewer LOL.
    I’d take the 2.0. design and put it into the old main SL viewer and also take the teleport and tp-history. The tabs and inventory would definitely NOT be included. It’s such ugly mess ;/


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