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Magic and Romance hunt


I am a sucker for romance. The stories of old with damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by their knight in shining armor, riding in on their trusty white stallion to save the day… or the mystical magical romances of characters like Arwen and Aragorn where she could certainly hold her own with any man who wielded a sword, yet was still so fair an Elf maiden. Or even the sad little mermaid who sits on her rock wishing to kiss the lips of the human she adores so much yet watches from afar.

It is in the spirit of these tales that the Magic and Romance hunt was created. It starts today and the starting point is Mer Elf Creations. You are searching for a rose and there are 30 stores in the hunt. Im not going to give you the SLURL’s to the stores as I want to encourage you to do the hunt.. if you are really that eager to get the things you see here, you can use search.. I know.. Im evil arent I..

The Christina Gown is the hunt prize from Mer Elf Creations. You get two versions of the dress in the box. This ballgown and a shorter version also.

This Glimmer gown is the hunt prize from Kouse’s Sanctum. Again you get a shorter skirt version inside.

This is the prize from Lvs&Co and is perfect for all the Valentine formals coming up.

The sumptious Samantha gown in a gorgeous velvet colour is the prize from Mystic Sky.

This utterly romantic BlueBelle gown is the prize from Deviance. There is an abundance of options in the box including hair flowers, roses baskets, a shorter dress version and different trimmings for the gown.

This picture shows the beautiful peasant shirt prize from L&S, the Amorno mask is the prize from Illusions, the adorable Magic Wand is the prize from Elvenbreath and the Love Potion necklace is the prize from Dilettantish Tragos.

The Devoted boots are the prize from Heart & Sole

There are lots of other gifts to be found that I didnt show due to not wanting to hog the blog, so please be sure to visit all of the stores in the hunt!

Other info
+ June Skin by Curio
+ Lua hair by Analog Dog ( free from ball on beach )

2 thoughts on “Magic and Romance hunt

  1. Whisper, I sincerely agree with you !

    The point of a hunt is to hunt. Not to get annoyed that you can’t find what you are looking for, and not to message designers asking about it, specifically after it was mentioned NOT to do that in the hunt rules.

    I know not all hunters are this way, but for those who can’t resist and need some kind of extra help, I will be updating and posting a hints section on the blog in the next two days. So do check back! And have fun !


  2. Just a word, on hunters and their frustrations. All fine and well to say “don’t bother the designers” and “do it your self”… but when a hunt in broken in the first five LM’s a hunter loses confidence that the hunt is actually in place. At Peer, for instance, no one has been able to find the rose that I’ve heard…and the hint is dubious. I spent nearly two hours there, walked away with items from six other hunts that were hidden in the furniture area that I finally covered because there was nowhere left, but no rose. I was given the LM for the next in line by a fellow hunter whose “blogging friend” had a folder of the LMs…Abundantia Boutique…only to discover it was the wrong location. Had the hunter I was with not asked the owner who was sitting in front of the store what was up, we would have been there all day because the “objects” for at least six other hunts were at that store, just no rose for this hunt. So, be a bit forgiving when asked for assistance. Sure, it’s suppose to be fun and a challenge, but it can also be a maddening waste of time.