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Kick start my rock ‘n rollen heart


Im having fun picking the titles of my blog posts. so I apologise if they don’t make much sense to the post at first glance.. but there is a link there somewhere.

I got a notice through the FabFree group about the subscribo gift from SD Wears so I scooted my behind over there and joined the crowd that had gathered to give the subscribo a kiss and get this gorgeous Ovation Jacket!

I teamed it with these really awesome Black Plaid pants from Fiction & Chaos that cost 50L, which is a total steal if you ask me. They are unisex so guys you can wear them too!

The Vast Sneakers are also from Fiction & Chaos and cost 85L but they are sooo adorable. They have little trinkets on them like a whistle and handcuffs and the print is just so cute. Here is a close up so you can see them better. Again they are unisex so guys can wear them too. They have resize scripts in so they are easy to change the sizes.

There is also this Deathnote t-shirt for 10L at the store which I just had to have.

My hair is also from Fiction & Chaos. It is called Storm and is 100L. They have several cute hairstyles there which although are primarily for guys would work well on girls!

If you want some really unique looking glasses then head over to AIR and find these really amazingly intricate Dragonfly glasses on the table inside for free! The lenses are colour changable so you can have fun playing with the options!

Other info
+ Beach2 Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Cleavage enhancer for Curio Skins by Luck Inc ( not free but yaaaaaaay! )

6 thoughts on “Kick start my rock ‘n rollen heart

  1. Okay, seriously… I don’t know if you’ve been asked this a ton already, but I couldn’t find it. Where, oh where, do you get your gorgeous shape? Did you make it? Haven’t seen anything else even come close in SL, and it’s absolutely flawless. Jealousy! 😀


  2. *laughs* thank you… and I have been asked heaps. My shape is all my own work 🙂


  3. ooo I want the glasses!


  4. What color did you make the glasses so they appire clear?


  5. The glasses are to die for.. and some of the other ones they have in the store are just jaw dropping!


  6. Secondlifer.. I made the glasses Grey lensed, then I edited the transparancy. I suggest you make a copy of them before you do the following so you have a back up incase you make a mistake.

    + To do this you will need to right click on the Glasses, chose Edit on the pie menu to bring up the Edit window.

    + Then tick the box next to Edit Linked Parts and click on one of the lenses.

    + Click on the textures tab in the edit window and set the number in the transparancy box to 60 higher for a greater transparancy.

    + Repeat on the other lense to get them to match then close the window.

    Hope this helps 🙂