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What is Content Theft?

Often you will hear me telling people not to pass items through FabFree chat.  Have you ever questioned why?

By passing items that you did not personally make, this aids in content theft throughout the grid.  Distributing items without permission from the original creator makes you just as guilty as a copybotter.

Content theft is the number one reason designers leave SL.  Without creators where would SL be?

How can you check to see whether an item is legitimate?  If you find a store that seems a bit shady you might have wondered if the creations are from legitimate designs.  The simple way to check without purchasing is to right click edit the prim.  Click the content tab and for each item within the box you can click properties and see who is named the creator.  The items should be made by the store owner, unless it is a resell establishment and in that case the resell is a business negotiated with the original designer.  Many designers have business partners.  Check the creator’s profile to see if the location is in the original creator’s profile.

If you find a place offering stolen goods file an Abuse Report, this helps to get the Linden’s attention.  To Report Abuse click the help tab in the top left side of the SL window.  Select the appropriate category and include as much information as possible.

Also, send the landmark and pictures (if available) to the original creator.  The designers may not respond, but they will be grateful for your concern.

Together we can stop content theft!
~Renee Lowenhart~

Dry your tears with love

Im terrible at coming up with blog titles, so instead I used one of my favourite songs as inspiration.. and its very relevant to us all. Particularly at this time of year when we reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one.

Sassy Kitty gave out a beautiful New Years subscribo gift of these two dresses. One in pink and one in silver. Complete with fluffy puffy skirts that I just love. TP to the store, hit the subscribo and check the notices. It should be the first one.

The Valentine Doll Winged pumps I am wearing are from Nightshade Designs and arent free at 200L but are completely gorgeous. They also come in a Candy Pink colour as you can see below and match these dresses perfectly I think.


This sexy little sequin chemise dress is the New Years subscribo gift from Hyper Culture. Again, tp to the store, give the subscribo some love and check its notices.


I’ve been trying to get on the Midnight Mania board for the Streets Girl dress at Paradisis since before Christmas. Now the rush is over, I’ve finally managed to snag it.

Its been out on the board for a while, but its worth going for if you can find the time. The Toxic Ballet shoes worn in this and the sequin chemise pictures are from Nightshade Designs and are 200L

Now if you love Elf Ears as much as I do, this is something for you to take part in. You can get two pairs of Elf Ears created by the lovely Daarc Dagger of Elfpyre by helping her friend out. Simply tp to Nightshade Designs and make a donation to the store. Then sign into your account on the Second Life website and go to your account transaction to take down the transaction number and details of your donation. Put it in a notecard and send it to Daarc Dagger, who will reward you with these gorgeous ears.

You can donate as much or as little as you like to get these beautiful ears, and the best thing is you are helping someone through some really tough times.

Other Info

+ Carrie hair by Truth and is part of their reduced hair range for 25L
+ Gemstone eys in Peridot by Umedama ( not free )
+ Skin is Stella Mint by Your Skin & Your Shape and Im wearing the matching cleavage enhancer with it ( not free )
+ Audrey II hair by Jolie Femme ( not free )