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Red Dresses!

The red Presente balloon dress was recently sent to the PRIMALOT sub-o group.  The red Marie Wedge boots are free at Skin Flicks.  The July XMas skin is a pick reward gift from PXL Creations.

There is a red xmas Empire gown at Badoura Design for only L$1.  Check the freebie wall in the center of the store for more gifts!  The silver Star Pendant necklace is the December 21st advent gift at Baby Monkey.

The red Carol (An Old Fashioned Christmas) gown is perfect for late night caroling with friends!  This gown is the midnight mania gift at ~MG~ Designs.  The female Christmas Noelle Snow hair was sent to the Shag sub-o group yesterday!  The hair came in white and cardinal red with blue or gold snowflake accents.


*PRIMALOT: Presente Dress (Sub-o – L$0)
Blackmount ( 2/110/707 )

*Badoura Design: Empire Gown (L$1)
Trevelyan ( 31/86/33 )

*~MG~ Designs: Carol (An Old Fashioned Christmas) (MM – L$0)
Greener Island ( 212/63/21 )

*Skin Flicks: Marie Wedge Boots (L$0)
Skin Flicks ( 76/78/34 )

*Baby Monkey: Star Pendant (Advent – L$0)
Dindrane Elfor ( 217/48/46 )

*Shag: Christmas Noelle Snow Hair (Sub-o – L$0)
Silent ( 199/147/36 )

*PXL Creations: July XMas Skin (Pick Rewards – L$0)
Cindel ( 196/93/26 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Glamorize: xmas gift

Glamorize is offering a Xmas gift but not with Xmas colors or theme!
This skin is called Alexander’s Accident. He isn’t too bad off but he must have had a rough day out skiing. He has a bandage on his nose and a very slight bit of windburn on his cheeks and forehead.
Tiffany2 Snowbunny
Maybe for a party after a day of assaulting Alex with snowballs and or snow shovels? I don’t know. I ust thought it looked icy and cute.

 As always, All items @ Glamorize cost L$1-5. So come on over and pick up your freebies and have a  look around as well!

 Glamorize is offering a Xmas gift but not with Xmas colors or theme!


Quick Fab Finds

Aqua have another amazing Dollarbie by their Xmas tree in this outfit. I love the layers with the top so you can wear both tank and shirt together, the tank alone or if you want to be a little naughty and show some flesh, you can be daring and wear the sheer shirt by itself.

All the other colours are there too at a special price! The hair worn in this pic is the Jaime style from Magika and is 10L in the second floor sale. Im somewhat obsessed with this style at the moment *laughs*.

If you want some really cute Xmas Boots that are a little different to the usual Reds and Greens you get this time of year, then tp over to Deviance to get these freebie really cute boots in a special pink colour!

While I was there I managed to win this sweet little fairy outfit from the Lucky Chair which, even though it is called Spring Fairy, I think looks really festive!

The hair worn in this picture is called “Buns” and is also from Magika but is part of the regular priced hairs.

I’ve had a few questions about my cleavage enhancer that I use with the Curio skins as seen in these pics and a few other recent ones. The enhancer I use is from Your Skin & Your Shape and I tint it to match the Curio skin. I hope this helps.

Other info
+ Winter Skin in Pure by Curio (not free)

*Winter Angel*

The Winter Angel avatar comes with skin, hair, gown, sculpted boots, and scripted wings.  This complete angelic avatar is free at Lunas Boutique until January 1st!  Thank you for letting me know about this Fabulous offer, Luna!


*Lunas Boutique: Winter Angel Avatar (L$0)
TheQue ( 20/30/46 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Pretzel*Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Sicily ( 246/201/22 )



LE LOOK day 6 & 7

Today is day 7 in the LE LOOK! 1 year anniversary celebrations and the release was a pair of glasses created by YV.. Yesterday was Day 6 and they unvieled earrings created by U&R and necklace by SIGMA Jewels for the women and a bracelet by Gems & Kisses for the guys.

To catch up on the other releases so far, please read this post which documents all of the releases up until day 6.

To get the items, join the LE LOOK group, wear your tag, tp to the SIM and slap the pictures on the huge white boards that rez just a little way from the landing point. Go unprimmed and without your huds for a faster delivery time. The SIM is still uber busy and you will still have a heck of a time getting in but keep on trying!

These are the glasses created by YV that are todays release for the guys, shown with the previously released Find ASH Hair, Belleza Skin and the Sweater by WMD. Nao is wearing his own shape.

Here is the Necklace by SIGMA Jewells shown with the Earrings by U&R that was yesterdays release for the girls. I am also wearing the previously released Maitreya Hair, LeLukta Skin and the Sweater by Zaara. I am wearing my own shape.

This is the Bracelet by Gems & Kisses that was yesterdays release for the guys.

Also… please remember to open the extra’s boxes that come with the some of the releases. You can find extra layers and options inside these boxes. For example, inside the LeLutka skin box there are 2 more skins with the blonde eyebrow options. Inside the extra’s box that comes with the male sweater, there is the white shirt that can be worn seperately from the sweater.

Aimesi Skin Gift & PXL Picks Reward!

We all love to find gorgeous free skins and Farah has posted some beautiful ones recently. Adding to those, Aimesi have put an Xmas gift of skins in her group notices. Simply join the Aimesi Design Friends group and check the notices to get them. There are four skins in two shades. One with natural make up and one with a more Xmassy themed make up.

Here you can see the difference between the make up options on the different skin tones.

Also.. PXL have a Picks reward Skin up right now. I went and registered for it yesterday, but I can’t collect the skins yet as you have to wait for the system to recognise you. I don’t want you all to miss out as the skin is soooo pretty and there are only 10 days left for the offer.. Here is a picture of the poster in world so you can see the skin available until I can model it.

Simply TP to the store, register with the subscribo and then add the store to your picks. I must stress that you NEED to register with the subscribo aswell as have the store in your picks to be eligable to claim the reward… then wait 24 – 48 hours for the system to recognise you and you can go and claim the skins by clicking the above board which is found at these co-ordinates 192, 62, 26.


Other Info
+ Into My Arms hair by Tiny Bird ( not free )
+ Lingerie is the Candycane hunt gift by Blacklace as previously blogged on my earlier post.



Cupcakes skins have always been my favorite… and a while.. I couldn’t take them off… as you might know, if you are reading our blog for a long time… I almost lived in Cupcakes skins! I am still very fond of these skins and very proud to show you their latest groupgift ‘Brilliant’. This skin with purple and pink colors matches perfectly with the new groupgift of a piece of candy, called mona dress. Enjoy xxx ^^

 Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

a piece of candy – mona dress – oL (subscribo gift in history)

cupcakes – daydream brilliant skin – oL (all skintones; groupgift in history, 100L to join)
other items shown:  sixty nine – mog hair (groupgift atm, 300L to join group).


This makes me… and I am sure my fellow FabFree writers very, very happy…. our blogstats!!:


xxx Farah