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And here it goes!!! More X’mas Gifts, more releases, much more! I will go through some items here, enjoy it!
Outfit: Urban Black outfit – klam design – free
Shoes: hoorenbeek – xmas gift – subscribe
Hat: Adjunct Eccentric Feather Hat – free
Tarsis and Samara are wearing GearShift jacket, sneakers hoorenbeek (subscribe xmas gift on Tarsis) and Samara is wearing the new release shoes Kalnins – Digna (not free).
On Tarsis: Streeter shirt red, and sneakers hoorenbeek (xmas gift subscribe), and on Samara ice skating from Miamai (xmas gift subscribe) and the december gift, a brown stole and from My Precious this amazing white long dress, as group gift.

Author: Tarsis Gausman

Blogger - FabFree Blog Owner of MAKE HIM OVER HUNT Owner of PRO POSERS HUNT Owner of PROCURA-SE 1 FREEBIE Group Owner of BELIEVE SIM

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