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All for you

And here it goes!!! More X’mas Gifts, more releases, much more! I will go through some items here, enjoy it!
Outfit: Urban Black outfit – klam design – free
Shoes: hoorenbeek – xmas gift – subscribe
Hat: Adjunct Eccentric Feather Hat – free
Tarsis and Samara are wearing GearShift jacket, sneakers hoorenbeek (subscribe xmas gift on Tarsis) and Samara is wearing the new release shoes Kalnins – Digna (not free).
On Tarsis: Streeter shirt red, and sneakers hoorenbeek (xmas gift subscribe), and on Samara ice skating from Miamai (xmas gift subscribe) and the december gift, a brown stole and from My Precious this amazing white long dress, as group gift.


All Candy Cane Hunt

Inspired by X’mas Spirit Texas Dezno and Kylla Dezno are promoting theis First Annual Chrismas Hunt!
Starting At 8AM SLT, Friday Dec. 18th & End Midnight SLT, Saturday Dec. 19th. There are 20 Candy Canes Hidden Through Our Entire Shopping Area, So Please Note That Other Shops Are Included As Well As Ours.
10 Candy Canes Are from .:*KD Designs*:. & 10 Candy Canes Are From GQ Fashions For Men!
There Will Also Be Random Gift Card Give – Aways Through Out Those 2 Days, So Be Sure Not To Miss Out!
– Light Wash Jeans (right side) and Black V-neck tee and Jens Destroyed Grunge (left side) with Turtle neck withe

Cargo Pants White and Polo Red (left side) and Vest Red (right side)

Sweater Black Sweater Yellow


 Farah for FabFree

Ys&Ys – nicole – jewel (light eyebrows and freckles)

Farah for FabFree

Ys&Ys – kelly – jewel (dark eyebrows)

Farah for FabFree

Ys&Ys – michelle – jewel (dark eyebrows)

yourskin & yourshape – michelle, nicole and kelly skins – jewel edition – oL (groupgift in store; limited time, 2 days only!, so hurry!)

other items shown:  sixty nine – mog hair (groupgift atm, 300L to join group).


xxx Farah

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Adam n Eve Xmas Gift

Adam n Eve have just this minute put out this stunning gown as their Xmas Gift to everyone. It is absolutely gorgeous. You can find it on the wall just across from where you tp in to the store.

Say thank you to sachi Vixen for her generousity at giving out such a beautiful gown.

Also keep your eyes peeled as there are rumours of a male gift soon!

Other info

+ Happy Holidays Group Gift skin from Curio ( join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and search notices )
+ Jaime Hair by Magika ( 10L in their second floor sale )
+ Fa(aun)tasy Xmas Gift Antlers by Needful Things ( free and found under the Xmas tree )

*wild at heart*

Wild at heart, with a fake furry jacket… beautiful heels and a gorgeous bag… and more to come! Read on… Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

pop feel – fur jacket red – oL (groupgift in store)

yourskin & yourshape – soana bag (3rd gift) and cala soana heels (4th gift) – 0L (xmas gifts in store, temporarily for 2 days, will be replaced with new gifts; please remember to check the front as well as the back of the groupgiftsign for the two gifts!) update: the heels and bag are NO longer available as groupgifts, the gift just changed!

other items shown: Curio – Elf skin – (groupgift in notices; Gala & Rita Design Announcement group); Clawtooth -Good morning peeld carrot hair (gift from update group, no history function); Tuli – Black shine leggings (35L); Doppelganger Inc. – Forester sweater black/red.


xxx Farah

Xmassy yum yums

Lots of things for you to pick up today around a few stores. I’ve never known it to be so festive in SL.. which is kind of funny and sad in equal measure because it doesnt seem so festive out in the cold fleshy real world. Anyways.. on to the yum yums!

Continuing the celebrations of our turning 8000 members, Lois Designs sent out a beautiful Starry Night Gown for the girls and a yummy suit for the guys…

You also get the furry stole and the necklace seen in the picture and a hat and a pair of shoes with the outfit.

This is the male gift given out.. but it looks equally as good on a girl as you can see!

The Antlers worn in the picture are the Fa(un)tasy Xmas gift from Needful Things and can be found under their Xmas tree. I love them to pieces! The hair is the Jaime style cost 10L for a pack of 6 colours and is from Magika and is part of their second floor sale! The skin is the Happy Holidays group gift skin from Curio found in the notices for the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group.

Illusions have an adorable gift out for you of these antlers and the holly jewellery set Im wearing. Inside the package there is also a set of cute bauble earrings that Im wearing in the picture below! You can find at the following co-ordinates 200, 71, 33

The hair is the subscribo gift from Shag and comes in two the two colours with optional Christmas star decorations in two colours! How cute! The subscribo is inside the store, simply slap it and then check the notices. The t-shirt is todays Xmas gift from A:S:S and can be found under the tree.

Next is a whole load of things from Deviant Kitties

This shows the Holiday Iona hair and I love the flashing light hair accessories. The hair costs 75L but you get 4 hair colours and two sets of lights that you can wear with this hair or with any other. Rufus the Snowman cuddly toy can be found under the Xmas tree and is a freebie.

This hair is the Holiday Savanah hair and it comes in 4 hair colours and the candycane hair accessories that again you can wear with this hair or any other. Holiday Rufus cuddly toy is under the Xmas tree and is another freebie!

I do have a thing for antlers.. as you may have noticed by my previous posts! These awesome Holiday Antlers are a freebie found under the Xmas tree and come in multicoloured and red and green versions. You can also find the Rufus the Red Nosed Reindeer cuddly toy under the tree aswell!

If you go over to Fallen Gods you can get these Jester avatars for free! Simply buy the box with the Jesters hat on it at these co-ordinates 194, 135, 23. You get male and female skins that have the outfit on them and the hat and cloak. Awesomes!

There are also two lucky chairs near the front of the store. While I was there I won a little Iced Gazebo complete with fire and furnishings you see here.

It would make a beautiful decorative feature to any winter garden or maybe used as a backdrop for winter pictures.

Other info
+ Black Lamb Cardigan from Nomine ( not free – 100L )
+ Cloven Lola Boots from Lazy Places ( not free )

Walking safe

People use to say that our heart is in our feet, so let’s take car of them!
Hoorenbeek will help us to take e a good care of them, and for free! These pair of tennis are in the history of the subscribe of the store. There are matching pair for him and her.
Now that our feet are well assisted, let’s take care of the rest of the look. An now [ JP ] will help me with that. In the MM board, you will find this t-shirt as gift, so you will need to invite your friends to slap the boards and get the gift. The pants are super new release and you can find for sale at the store.
And finally, but not less important, a got a hint from my friend Mahogany Yarrowroot. She told me that there were 3 gift bags at Meiriken. Two gifts for girls and this very cool jacket for the guys! Thanks again Mahogany!