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LE.LOOK! Day 3


And so the frenzy continues over at the LE.LOOK! Sim. Today is day three and see’s a new addition to the gradual release of the Male and Female avatar. Today its the lower half of the outfits with Leggings created by Source and Shorts created by Beauty Avatar for the Women and a pair of Black Pants created by Redgrave for the guys.

To get these, you need to be part of the LE.LOOK! group, wear the tag, tp into Le Look and then look for the two big white boards with pictures on them. They are literally right by you in the area you teleport in to. You do not need to walk very far. You cannot miss them. Simply wait for the pictures on them to rez, then click on them to recieve the items they show. The shape is the big full length avatar picture. The skin is the smaller picture to the left of the head. The hair is to the right and the new clothing is on the bottom left of the full length avatar picture.

I cannot stress this enough… please please please deprim before you tp to the sim. Take off  your hair, huds and ao too.. believe me it makes a difference.

These are the Leggings and Shorts worn with the previously released Maitreya Hair from 16th and the LeLutka skin from the 15th. I am wearing my own shape and not the LE.LOOK! free shape that is also part of the package and was released on the 15th with the skin.

The Vest and shoes are my own, not part of the package.

These are the Male pants worn with the previously released Find ASH hair from 16th and the Belleza Thomas skin from the 15th. Nao is wearing his own shape and not the LE.LOOK! free shape that is also part of the package and was released on the 15th with the skin

The shoes are his own and not part of the package.

Stay tuned for tomorrows release!

4 thoughts on “LE.LOOK! Day 3

  1. I don’t know but I don’t like like it somehow.
    I mean yes, these things are great but I tried male and female shapes and they looked awful. Male skin is pretty well I use it but female I didn’t like, the one much more better is at

    at MAI Body Shop.

    Hair are highres but not animated, didn’t like it. And those pants and leggings look like just simple cheap low quality freebie. I can’t believe that it’s a work of quality designers.
    Well the only thing I wait for most is AO. I hope it’ll resolve my constant troubles with finding AO.


  2. Obviously not everything is going to be to everyones liking but to alot of people who cannot afford to or who do not want to spend money in SL, then these are going to be a godsend 🙂


  3. Sure as far as the whole avatar is in complect. It solves a lot of problems for new ones at once.


  4. Whisper the skin looks so beautiful on you! very sophisticated!