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Boxed Heroes Dark Elf Female!

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Im sure you remember the Dark Elf Male that was available as a prize on the Lucky Chair at Boxed Heroes for 24 hours a little while back. Well they’ve done it again.. only this time with the matching Dark Elf Female Avatar!

And OMG!!! She is gorgeous!!!

The picture on the left show the avatar in its entirity. There is a prim skirt and prim corset that you can see in the picture. The snap on the Right shows the avatar wearing everything except the prim corset and so shows the clothing layers underneath.

The picture on the left shows the avatar with the prim corset on but minus the prim skirt. The picture on the Right shows just the underclothing layers which are yummy enough to wear by themselves.

Isnt she beautiful!


You get the full female avatar pictured above.. skin, hair, ears, eyes, prim outfit, boots and a shape to wear that was made to fit the outfit perfectly. The prim pieces of the outfit are modify so you can adjust them to fit your shape if you are confident enough to do so. Though I must say.. I am wearing this outfit with my curvy shape and I had to do very little to mod the pieces.

I love that there are several ways to wear the outfit thanks to the layers of clothing underneath. The skin is beautifully made aswell and I love the facial features. She has just the right amount of mischief in her expression but still looks cute. It is just divine.

Remember that this is only available for 24 hours. So will be out of the chair by this time tomorrow as it has only just been released within the hour of me writing this.

It is pretty packed over there at the moment, but keep trying and remember to be polite to everyone else waiting for this amazing avatar!

Thank you so much you guys at Boxed Heroes for another great avatar!

One thought on “Boxed Heroes Dark Elf Female!

  1. Just a note. I won this and while the outfit with shape is great, the outfit is made for a big, full-figured gal. And while it is mod, it will not mod down using stretch. Yo could possibly remake it all so that you could just move the tiny prims, but there is no typically simple way to mod down. I’m guessing making larger would work.

    One piece shrinks just the tiniest and one piece didn’t mod at all. So if people are fond of their own shapes and are not BBWs, be aware that this may not fit. Parts of course like the skin and undies will fit, just not the prim parts. It is very nicely made however and YOU look great 😀