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*ALB purple coat*


When I first went to ALB by Analee Balut, I was blown away by her creativity and bright colors! And she still does that with her amazing designs… and amazing gifts! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

ALB Dream fashion by AnaLee Balut – Purple leather coat – 1L (groupgift in store; join LAMU group); Diamond dress – oL (groupgift in notices)

ALB Dream fashion by AnaLee Balut – gift eyelashes (modify!) – 1L (groupgift in store; join LAMU group)

other items shown: ETD – aveda hair short; Stiletto moody – bare lana anniversary (temporarily gift); yourskin&yourshape – nicole skin candy.


xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

10 thoughts on “*ALB purple coat*

  1. I cant find those lashes. I checked notices and there is only skirt.


  2. hi MeJa,

    That’s because they are a – groupgift in store -; so is the leather coat. Only the skirt in in the notices!

    Good luck!

    xxx Farah


  3. Got it. Thankies for help:)


  4. So yea, what are we actually searching? Is this somekind of little hunt for the groupgifts? Theyre tiny items or are they visible somewhere?


  5. Nevermind. Found. 😉


  6. i cant get the LM on the slurl, its just a blue blank page 😦


  7. Hi there, me too, the LM doesn’t come up, just a blue page.
    I went to the shop, but could not find these anywhere 😦
    Thanks !


  8. http://slurl.com/secondlife/A'ksha%20Dunes/184/75/52

    this is the landmark:
    A’ksha Dunes (184, 75, 52)

    If you can’t find it, try searching “AnaLee Balut” in people and teleport from her profile picks!

    The items are in the shop, between the regular vendors. Search for the eyelashes sign, which is the biggest. The leather coat sign is a smaller one near the eyelashes sign!

    Good luck,

    xxx Farah


  9. I looked in the group notices but I can’t find the skirt. Boo Hoo


  10. It probably has already fallen out of the notices. Groups keep notices for either 2 weeks or 200 messages (which ever comes first). Considering I blogged the outfit also on the 18th here -> https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2009/11/18/daydream-bykay/ Most likely it has already reached the 2 week mark.


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