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Tarsis goes shopping

We decided to start our week shopping! (as in rl we needed to start working!).

First stop was at Little Britain. There is a new MM for guys and girls there.

There is a new weekly freebie at Little Britain! Are you bad or good? It doesn’t matter, this week you are ready to go to jail!

Then we went to BlakOpal. It was good… we got some social clothes for free to go out sometime.

Tarsis is wearing a Stylish suit for any Steampunk or Victorian affair. The cutaway-styled suit jacket fabric is covered with a pattern of tiny cogs, with long flex coattails, and is finished off with satin lapels and cuffs. The jacket is worn over a patterned vest with white shirt, and black flex cog-lace tipped cravat at the neck. The look is finished off with dark tweed pants in flared and bootcut styling. Shown with Kalnins Shoes – Marteno (not free).

Also, to complement the outfit, I got Aristohat  TopHat per L$ 10 at Couture Chapeau.
Samara is wearing Lace Front Corset.

BlakOpal offers wearable art and specialized pieces for both ladies and gentlemen, this is old gift  you can find in store – Burgundy Cutaway Suit, shoes Kalnins – Marteno (not free) and Aristohat Bowler from Couture  Chapeau (L$ 10) and Samara is wearing a free green dress called Emerald Garden Corset(also for free at BlakOpal).

Then I went to Toritire  and got this fire pants! The hat is Ultimate Bogie Fedora from Couture Chapeau (L$ 10).

Well… I can say that it was a good shopping week start! But it would never happen in rl! I am a guy! I would never go shopping that much in the same day! lol


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Zeery makes me cheery

If you are looking for some really cute accessories, then Zeery’s is the place for you right now. Zeerya Pyrithea has set out some low linden bargains for you to drool over aswell as some group gifts when you join the group and look inside the notices.



+ Aurora Australis Scarf – 5L
+ Lakeside Wheat Tank Top – Group Gift inside notices

The colours on the scarf inspired me to take these pictures at the Forest Feast sim as the colours are so rich and vibrant and makes me want to hold on to Autumn just that little bit longer.


+ Grassy Stream Scarf – 4L
+ Eggplant Knitted Top – 4L



+ Cloudy Poncho – 5L
+ Eggplant Knitted Top – 4L


Inside the group notices there is also a fatpack of earrings that are very cute but SL wouldnt let me rez them properly to take pictures – gah!


+ Other info +

+ Optino2 Glasses by Kumaki Glasses Style – Store free gift
+ Tallulah hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Jeans by Armidi ( not free )


Oh +Honey+


The other day my friend Grace Selene of Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) IMed asking if I picked up the new dress at +Honey+.  “+Honey+?” I responded, “Never been there.”  She promptly sent me the landmark and I tped over.  There are TONS of gifts at +Honey+!  The purple velvet dress is the opening gift at +Honey+ @ PERIOD for +Honey+ group members.

The little black dress and chin length hair in black hat are in the lucky boards at +Honey+.  Also you could win the red Christmas sweater and plaid skirt.  Or the long ash colored hair!  The skin worn with the black dress is the free miro*skin 025 “May” and the lucky board “Chris” skin (below) are on the second floor of +Honey+ @ PERIOD.


*+Honey+: Opening Purple Dress (L$0)
PERIOD ( 42/177/101 )

*+Honey+: Black Dress, Christmas Skirt Outfit, Hair (Lucky Boards – L$0)
PERIOD ( 37/177/119 )

*+Honey+: May Skin (L$0) Chris Skin (Lucky Boards – L$0)
PERIOD ( 24/167/111 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



*would you kiss me?*

Thank you – Photos Nikolaidis – again – for you totally funny crazy design moustache! LOL I so much heart these! xxx enjoy ^^

Farah for FabFree

*this is me with Cristiana Silverweb,

who I met at the shop and who wanted to pose with me, while wearing the moustache! OMG funny!*

A.S.S.  – moustache – 7 colors – oL

other items shown – on me – : runoruno – weave jacket; chuculet – glassless glasses; maitreya hair faye; white blouse from ash style.


xxx Farah

*runoruno – swim*

yay… runoruno released new stuffsss…. and a freebie for us!! Swim yourself through winter… I guess.. anyway.. Enjoy… xxxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

runoruno – swim – oL

other items shown: yourskin & yourshape – nicole nude skin; maitreya hair faye.


xxx Farah


*sweaters, dresses and sweaterdresses… oeh and flats and stats!*

Salire has the cutest dresses… showing you the 1L-ones, but i couldn’t resist buying the new releases too! These are the sweaterdresses.. and I loohoovee those.. the pink one would goo great with the pink boots Whisper blogged earlier! And great news is that nothing at salire is over 30L$! Keep reading for sweaters, flats and our skyhigh stats! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

salire – all dresses shown above – 1L

Farah for FabFree

salire – sweaterdresses – (Not free but 30L/each )

Farah for FabFree

curios – sweaters purple and green (subscribogift when you join, I clicked it twice)

m+m – flats with straps – oL (groupgift in store)

other items shown in all pics: yourskin & yourshape – michelle ice skin; ETD – Naomi black hair; chuculet – glassless glasses – 1L; jeans from Cilian’gel (old FabFree gift)

FabFree – best freebie blog of SL – and largest freebie group in SL !!!

.. our stats of yesterday… Whispers’ post on those amazing Stiletto Moody Heels hit 6,880 views!


Thank you Whisper for posting this blogpost , thank you to our loyal FabFree readers and thank you, thank you Stiletto Moody for the amazing heels gift!! xxx


xxx Farah

Lucky AuMa Boots

It took me several hours, but darn it I was determined to get these gorgeous boots from AuMa Footwear! Im not usually one for pink footwear, but something about these just spoke to me and I was glad they did because I am so in love with them. I havent taken them off yet!

These are available in the Lucky Chair at AuMa Footwear until December 6th!



Isnt my little bird friend the cutest! I decided to take todays pictures in the garden of my SL home so I had to include him and his friend in the pictures.


+ Other info

+ Pure Morning Skin by Burning Chrome/Heartsick
+ Tallulah Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Oversized Lita Sweater Dress by DeLa ( not free )



Kumaki Glasses Style

You all know how much I adore glasses, so when I was passed a folder of yummy glasses by Kumaki Glasses Style I was over the moon! Koguma Kumaki makes some of the most gorgeously crafted glasses in SL and they all come fully scripted so you can change your glasses from sunglasses to reading glasses in a few clicks of a button.

They currently have several freebies at the store right now. There is a store gift, Lucky Boards and right now in the run up to Christmas, a fun Christmas gift!


These glasses are the current Store Gift. Click on them and you can use the menus to make them look just how you like. The picture below shows how they can look when the lenses are made grey and transparent so they look like a normal pair of glasses.



These Heartshaped Glasses are one of the cute Lucky Board prizes! I always have loved Heartshaped Glasses ever since I was little. I had a pair just like this!



This is the fun Xmas gift. I love the big fake nose on it *laughs*


Also found at the store is this adorable freebie Xmas Parka. You can find this and the Xmas glasses together on a shelf just inside the store. The Parka is made by Jamming Kitty and can also be found at their store.

I love that it comes with two ways to wear the hood. You can wear it down like the picture above or you can wear it up and look uber cute, just like the picture below!



+ Other info

+ Pure Morning Skin by Burning Chrome/Heartsick MM gift
+ Tallulah Hair by Truth ( not free )