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Stiletto Moody – 1 Day only!


OMG! Stiletto Moody has opened Group enrollment and not only is it free to join the group, but hot foot it over the Stiletto Moody Mainstore and the Anniversary Shoes are available to everyone now for 1L, which will be refunded!

Find the big Anniversary Shoe sign.. click the Red shoe on the podium and pay 1L. Then be ultra ultra patient because lag is making delivery UBER slow. Patience and politeness are virtues and this time it really pays off big time.

I tried to get the awareness out via FabFree chat in world, but chat is closed because of naughty people not reading the rules again, so Im really sorry if you miss out.

But hurry.. its for 1 DAY ONLY and it is massively rammed as you can imagine.



Then once you are in the group – I suggest you stay in there if you can! I know Im going to!


8 thoughts on “Stiletto Moody – 1 Day only!

  1. *me is jealous*… trying to get in!! aaaahhh!!!

    xxx Farah


  2. Hi Whisper,

    Nice post..but there’s no hud to change size or colour..and i kno i am being thick here. any suggestions ‘coz yurs look great!


    Fury 🙂


  3. thank you so much for posting this. right now the lag is not so bad!!! its around 9:30am SLT 😉




  5. Hiya Fury… you need to click the shoes themselves to get the blue menu up with choices to change the foot colour, nail colour and turn sounds on and off.

    There should be 3 sizes in the box – small, medium and large ^_^


  6. Oeh i got in! Lag was indeed bad, but waited patiently!

    You have to buy the little card, next to the actual shoe rezzed inworld on the little table.

    Wooottt!! Awesome gifts, thank you very muchhh Stiletto Moody! *thank you, thank you, thank you*

    xxx Farah


  7. Hi all
    Due to lag i am leaving it open a little longer. Will let it run overnight but then need to make room for my “Name our BARE movie Star’s” contest. So hope the lag dont bruise you and later might be better.
    xox Stiletto
    Impossibly high heels and happy Anniversary


  8. OMG an actual comment from the designer!! *me faints*

    Ty for your generosity Stiletto! xxx thank you for the Great Amazing Giftt Heels!!

    xxx Farah


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