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Flirt & A Little Luck

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This morning Jungeun Vella sent me the new group lucky board gift at JE*REPUBLIC.  The lace Dorothy dress is a lovely wine color and will surely be a welcome addition to your closet.  There is a 10 minute wait between letter changes.  The brown stiletto heels from MEB are free at Mimi’s Choice.  (It’s a bit hard to get to this gift, go outside and cam through the window where you will see the heels).

The blue Abbie sparkling formal gown is only L$5 until Sunday November 22nd at Quinert.  The tan Tribal skin has a light tribal mask over the eyes.  This skin is the November group gift to the Flirt! in world group.  If you had a problem getting the recent male and female skins sent from the Flirt! hippo group, there was a glitch after the store relocated.  Head over to Flirt! and join the hippo group for the welcome gift skins for both the men and women.  You can see the skins here:


The big braided 031 hairstyle is in one of the lucky boards at White Well.

There are many more awesome gifts at Mimi’s Choice.  The sexy white victoria lace lingerie is from sf design.  The green Jador 70’s dress is from Jador Fashion.

The blue Shouted Girl skirt and top is from Shouted Couture at Mimi’s Choice.

The Funny Girl outfit from Anubis Style can also be found at Mimi’s Choice.  This outfit includes denim jeans, t-shirt and Funny Girl black fur trench coat.


*JE*REPUBLIC: Dorothy Dress (Lucky Board – L$0)
Liberty ( 174/5/21 )

*Quinert: Orange Dress (L$3)
Pengo Island ( 144/222/22 )

*Mimi’s Choice: MEB Brown Stilettos (L$0), Jador Fashion 70’s Dress (L$0), Anubis Style’s Funny Girl outfit (L$0), Shouted Girl (L$0)
Deep House Island ( 211/20/23 )

*U&R DOGS: Septet Bracelet (L$1)
LVS Drive ( 97/26/22 )

*White Well: 031 Remake Hair (Lucky Board – L$0)
Montlaur ( 234/46/52 )

*Flirt!: Tribal Skin (Group – L$0)
Alzir ( 226/137/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



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