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Everything is possible in SL… from brown to blond, from pale to tan, from flat to my new sexy cleavage.. loolll ❤ xxx enjoy ^^

Farah for FabFree









a piece of candy – shelly top – 1L/each (lots of different colors, upstairs!)

a piece of candy kalnins

a piece of candy – shelly top – 1L


other items shown(both pictures above): maitreya – green hair – chestnut; yourskin yourshape – michelle skin – new release!; cilian’gel – low waist jeans black for FabFree (groupgift in notices!!); kalnins – sonata heels – (discount price for members) (customizable color, skintone, nailscolor).


Farah for FabFree

meembee – lady gaga hair – oL

a piece of candy – jacqulline II baby blue shirt – 1L

 other items shown: yourskin yourshape – nicole  skin -nude – new release!; cilian’gel – low waist jeans (old groupgift)



xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

8 thoughts on “*possibilities*

  1. I went to kalnins to look for them shoes and joined the group but they cost L$400 😦


  2. funny that I manage to get just about every bit of daily spam from Kalnins yet I miss these! odd that.


  3. Bonjour,je me permet de vous laisser un commentaire pour vous dire que les chaussures Sonata de la boutique Kalnins ne sont pas un group gift à 0 lds mais à -50% (400lds au lieu de 800lds).


  4. Hi Evie, lolz and chiara,

    Yess they we’re sent to the Infochannel group. Those are the rotating signs inside the store. It has no history function, at least I couldn’t find that.
    So I showed the shoes to make sure you will all join – to receive “future” gifts – as i mentioned. Sorry if something was misleading.

    xxx Farah


  5. ..odd because, you forgot that you’re a blogger so you are entitled to receive things FREE, things that everyone else has to PAY FOR!

    slap in the face blogging = lame!


  6. Actually, as Farah said, it was sent to the Infochannel sub-o group. Many subscribe-o-matics do not have ways to view the history because the shop owner does not allow it. Perhaps join and receive future gifts.


  7. I was already receiving daily spam from Kalnin’s, and that is the info channel!


  8. I talked to the owner of Kalnins and it seems I got added to a special infochannel of Kalnins for bloggers only. I didn’t knew this, so the heels are not free and are not sent out as gifts to the members. The Sonata heels are however 50% discounted for the Kalnins members.

    I am sorry for the confusion.

    btw lolz : to receive free things is SO not the reason I am blogging.

    xxx Farah


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