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Analog Dog Freebie Hair


Its like one of those things you hear but you can’t believe is true. But believe me, this time it really is! Analog Dog have TWO packs of free hair available! One can be found at their main store and the other at their satalite store in the Hairspray Sim.

Here I will show you what you get in each pack. The SLURL to each pack is underneath the pictures.


The first pack is available at the Analog Dog Mainstore and is a big blue orb found on the beach. You get the 4 styles shown above and an optional set of bangs for Mili.

From Top Left the styles are: Cafe, Esse in black, Maddy and Milli.



The second pack is available at the Analog Dog store at Hairpray and is a big red box inside the store. You may have to follow the red beacon or aim towards the red mark on your minimap as it doesnt always allow point to point teleporting, so a little flying might be in order to get to the store. You get 5 styles as shown above and an optional set of bangs for Jasmyn.

From Top Left, the styles are: Esse in red, Jasmyn, Madison, Luicee and Pim.


Other info

+ Cupcakes Hunt Skin in Honey by Cupcakes and is one of the free gifts in the hunt as previously blogged here
+ Chocolate Bra is one of the other free gifts available in the hunt at Cupcakes
+ Jeans are part of the Group Gift at Twisted and Spoiled


5 thoughts on “Analog Dog Freebie Hair

  1. nice but nothing new..all these hair have been already given away as freebies in the fairs and in the balls in the shops for months:) nice that now everyone knows!


  2. Yes, they have, but the Fabulously Free in SL group chat has been asking where to find the Analog Dog hair for a few weeks. Definitely not everyone knows!


  3. very true!


  4. Alot of people have been asking about free hair over the last couple of weeks in the chat inworld. Alot of them didnt know it exsisted when I told them about it.

    I know this hair has been around for a very long time and so this post was simply to bring it back to the attention of those who didnt know anything about it 🙂


  5. Hi JeanGenie,

    I’ve also blogged these before, but there is totally no harm in blogging great fabulous free hair again! These are more curly and wavy than other hair, more commonly worn! Also these are mod, so you can change hair and color! How Fab is that?

    ❤ great post! xxx