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Cupcakes Hunt!

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Cupcakes are celebrating the opening of their new Sim with a Simwide treasure hunt. 29 yummy gifts are there for you to collect with skins galore and some gorgeous clothing and underwear inside too!

You are looking for gift boxes in various colours. They are obvious to find really and it took me around 30 minutes to complete. Remember they are OUTSIDE the building aswell and that means on rooftops and behind the store aswell as around the ministores outside.

First the skins. There are 11 skin tones and two different make up sets. There is a basic neutral make up tone and then one called Raspberry, plus Freckled option for each skin tone.

This is the Neutral Make Up

Goth, Cameo and Lace

Honey, Copper, Wheat

Nutmeg, Coconut, Mocha


This is the Raspberry Make up

Goth, Cameo and Lace

Honey, Copper, Wheat

Nutmeg, Coconut, Mocha



These are the two Night Elf skins you get in the two make up tones

Full length of the skins. I decided to show the Cameo, Sambuca and Night Elf skins so you can get a feel for the shading on the lightest and darkest. These skins are really beautiful so you really really do have to go and get them all while you can.

Also in the hunt you get 4 really beautiful tops, plus 3 lingerie sets that are to die for.

Im not entirely sure how long the hunt is running for, so try to get over there in the next couple of days so you can snag this goodies.  Also make sure to take a look around the store itself as in every tone and in every skin line, there are skins marked down in price from between 50L – 100L. So make sure you check those vendor boards really well!

There are apparently more goodies to come too.. oh my! With all of these free skins around at the moment, Im like a very very happy kid in a candy store! Weeee!


Other Info
+ Brown Piper Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Silver Makenzie Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Hoopla Elf Ears by Elfpyre ( not free )
+ Shape is made by me and is my own personal shape… not available to buy sorry guys!

One thought on “Cupcakes Hunt!

  1. Ohhwwmmaiiiii!! I ❤ cupcakes skins, they are my regular skins!!!!! ty for blogging!! xxxx Farah


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