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LnL – a lot of gifts

Want to re-new your t-shirts? So here you can find some options. At LnL you will find 4 t-shirts as gifts. The first one is called celebration and is at the store. The second one is the gift of the hunt Myths and Legends (store # 16). The third t-shirt is gift of Falling Leaves Hunt (store # 17) and the last one is Gridwide Thanksgiving Hunt prize (store # 18).

LnL is also participating of the Make Him Over Hunt and as gift there are offering this green outfit. The brown and the black outfits are for free iin the store.

Well guys, it is a good chance to get new looks.
LnL – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Borgatti/243/38/301



Vanity Skin Fair!

I just came back from the Vanity Skin Fair laden down with Dollarbie skin goodness for everyone to feast their eyes on. Now I know what a lag fest Skin Fairs can be especially in the first few days, so hopefully this will go some way to help you guys find your way around. It is running until Novemeber 22nd so you have plenty of time to go and take a peek.

There are as always some beautiful full priced skins available and if you can stretch to it, now is the perfect time to maybe think about doing a bit of shopping. You have some of the major names here such as Curio, Redgrave and Belleza as well as some of the up and coming designers such as Imagen and Idiosyncrasy who all have amazing skins to show you. So come wearing your best lag free outfit and take a look at all the goodies on display.

You will also find some special vendors where a percentage of proceeds of the sale goes to Care International.

All of the SLURL’s here are within the Vanity Skin Fair.. the co-ordinates are provided to help you find the gifts. I hope this proves helpful to you all! Have Fun!

Pulse Skins (co-ordinates = 27, 104, 24 ) have a beautiful skin available as a Freebie aswell as 6 shapes and 2 sets of eyes.

A Piece of Candy (co-ordinates = 95, 180, 24 ) is offering this skin as a Dollarbie as well as another pair of Dollarbie skins in a little blue bag called Guise. The picture below shows the Guise skins.

Guise Skins from A piece of Candy

Next up is Imagen (co-ordinates = 75, 219, 36) who generously give away both a Female and Male Dollabie skin. You get 4 tones from Very light to a yummy chocolate colour and in natural make up. I think these are my favourites out of the whole fair!

Right next door you will find The oBscene (co-ordinates = 98, 222, 36 ) and if you are into gruesome bloody Vampire make up then this is the skin for you! There are four skins in the pack.. Not for the squeemish!

Rosy Mood ( co-ordinates = 140, 210, 36 ) are a few stores along with this cute little Dollarbie called “OMG I fell asleep directly on Tatami”.. you have a little mark on your cheek as if you did fall asleep on a little Tatami mat. You also get one in the pack.

Symphony Skins ( co-ordinates = 173, 170, 36) has some sculpted lipgloss that I heard people in the group said was awesome. So grab that on your way through.

GeEs ( co-ordinates = ) have this skin available as a Freebie for you to pick up inside their store. There are two gifts on the table and I bought both, but when I unpacked them it seemed to be the same skin inside. Very pretty though and kind of reminds me of Iman.

Ayumi ( co-ordinates = 171, 89, 36 ) is right next door and offers 3 skins in their freebie.

NB Look ( co-ordinates = 163, 46, 36 ) has some eyes as their freebie gift to you.

Mai ( co-ordinates = 97, 27, 36 ) has this skin for you as their Freebie aswell as some eyes, a nail set and a cute underwear set.

xtc ( co-ordinates = 205, 129, 27 ) has some free eyes and nails for you as a gift also.

Chic ( co-ordinates = 215, 137, 47 ) has two skins available. This one is a dollarbie but there is another one called “Devon” that is 10L and comes with a shape aswell.

Dulce Secrets ( co-ordinates = 217 , 159, 48 ) have two skins in with fun eyemake up for you as their dollarbie.

I think I got nearly all the freebies and dollarbies around the Skin Fair but I may have missed a couple so I apologise for any gaps.. there is really alot to see with alot of the Designers showing off their new releases. So make time to go around and take in all the sights and say thanks to all the organisers and the generous Creators who gave us such wonderful gifts!