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New resident


If you are under 30 days old in SL or want to help someone that just joined the game, save this information with you.
At Dawn Design you can find a complete outfit for boys and one complete for girls. They come with shape, skin, shoes, hair, all complete.
This is a good tip to help new residents!

under 30 days


Author: Tarsis Gausman

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3 thoughts on “New resident

  1. Adding to the FabFree under 30 days list! Will post that soon! xxx ty


  2. Please be aware that the owner provides most of her designs to resellers who are all allowed to hide the source of them and even claim them as their own. If she doesn’t care about people taking advantage of her to earn money through deception, why would you want to support her business?


  3. Actually the original creator does provide a resell program. Many reputable designers have resellers. What was posted, is however at the original creator’s store.