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*jumps up and down…. adjusts glasses…. adjusts hairribbon…coughs…’uhum’* OMG i’m soooo excited! Boots from Maitreya, the cutest dress from A piece of candy and totally adorable hair… my nerdy free-fashion-loving-heart is soooowww happy!! *ty to all the great designers (be sure to walk around all shops, amazing new releases.. woottt!!)* xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree
*location: FabFree HQ at CarWash Sim*

Farah for FabFree


a piece of candy – penelope dress (all layer options) – oL (updategroupgift in history)

Maitreya – soho patentmix black – oL (subscribogift in history)

chuculet –  geeky glassless glasses – 1L

en svale – leggings (dots/stars/stripes) – 0L

tekuteku – muse blue – oL (groupgift in store)

other items shown: doppelganger inc. – button up socks; twilythula – choker (from red riding hood outfit); wave – white dress shirt (1L)


xxx Farah

*grey & black*

Woott… 2 years anniversary for our very own Floatie Hock, celebrating with a very…. Floatie’s style shirt! LOL… grab it, it’s goooood!!! Congratz Floatie!

Farah for FabFree

Hell Bop – 2nd anniversary shirt – oL

Maitreya – Soho Pumpkin Boots – oL (subscribo gift in history)

chuculet –  glassless glasses – 1L

other items shown: cillian’gel – low waist jeans (old gift; i wish this was still available! ❤ these Cilia!); maitreya – green hair – almond.

Farah for FabFree

pink fuel – grey skye skin – oL (update group in history, click messages, click ‘read this’)

chuculet – glassless glasses – 1L

other items shown: free speerit – black eyes(0L color pack);   maitreya – green hair – chestnut.


xxx Farah

*lady in red*

I usually never wear gowns, cause I have have no where to wear them too…. but this gown is just amazingly beautiful! Red is definately a gorgeous color… I ❤ anything red… and loohoovee this dress, with 3 skirt options it’s perfect for any occasion. Think of those warm night to come, with the holidays in December you already have yourself a perfect gown! The perfect jewelry to wear with this gown is definetaly from Alienbar Desigsn, not free though, but absolutely stunning!!

Farah for FabFree

*skirt option: battleship*

sascha 2
*skirt option: big sucker*

sachas 1
*skirt option: sleek skirt*

Sascha Designs – Red Gown  – (3 gown skirt options) – 0L (5000 members – groupgift in store; right from entrance; also check the groupgift in notices! (not shown here))

Laydee hair from Fuel at Savoir Hair – oL

other items shown: ; Cupcakes – Daydream – pewter; Beautiful Jewelry from Alienbear Design – Sivar Dark Necklace (Red) – (not free)


xxx Farah