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*the wedding gown*


Now I know I will probably never marry in SL, that’s why I enjoy this next blogpost even more! To wear an actual weddinggown and feel like a princess…. isn’t that every girls dream? This wedding gown is from the wedding between rabbito shan and tetsuya Ryba. Rabbito is a designer for Ero Rabi (temporarly closed) and created the dress for his/her loved one. The bouquet is also made by themselfs. Great gifts to share right?

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Ero Rabi – wedding gown – oL (buy congratulations sign for the gown) (description if slurl doesn’t work: find a door with blue ball, this is left from a little man, open it and walk down thourgh pipes)

Farah for FabFree

sf designs – victoria lace lingerie – oL (time limited, october only!; also accross from the ladies store are some free MENs boxers.. maybe we can convince Tarsis to show them to us *winks*)

Other items shown: Truth – Amy Jane hair (0L); chuculet – bella earring and necklace (1L); Cupcakes – enchanted gift skin (lucky chair).


xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

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6 thoughts on “*the wedding gown*

  1. hey 🙂 where is the cupcakes lucky chair? can’t find it anywhere 🙂


  2. wow that’s a stunner for 0L..amazing.


  3. Where is this dress? The store is completely empty… just a sign saying they are moving, and a freebie box that contains some layers of love bites.

    I don’t see a wedding dress, but if you want a free hicky, you can get it there. lol


  4. Never mind… Found it! I was just being my normal goobery self! Beautiful dress! 🙂


  5. Hi Moniq,

    They removed the lucky chair, board and muffin :(. I think cause of the sales they are having, don’t know.
    Be sure to check Cupcakes anyway, lots of great skins and great deals atm. And I think they will have the chairs back up in the future! xxx Farah


  6. I love the lace accents. It is not over the top but very elegant.