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Atomic Pumpkin Hunt


Renee and I were talking earlier today and she mentioned that Atomic were having a Pumpkin hunt. Now as you are all probably becoming aware, I loooove to hunt. So I hot footed it on a tp and set about Pumpkin hunting!

There are 12 pumpkins to find, each one has a fab gift inside. At the time of me hunting, number 10 wasnt working. Hopefully they will have that working soon! Its mostly for Females, but the t-shirts and tattooes could be unisex.

You also get skins in 3 different tones and 2 makes ups with freckle or no freckle options. The freckles are kind of hard to see in these pictures, but they are very cute and I love the two different lipstick options. The Creepy Josie Hair worn is also one of the prizes and comes in Green, Black, Orange and Purple.



3 thoughts on “Atomic Pumpkin Hunt

  1. i couldn’t find number 3 and i really wonder where it is^^


  2. Does anyone know what # Creepy Josie is?


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