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Fri.day Mini Hunt & Goodies

Fri.day are having a mini Halloween hunt! Hidden around the store are 5 little trinket boxes, each containing a cute little Halloween inspired gift.

The BOO! Shirt and Candycorn Shirt


The Spiderweb Shirt and the Jack-O-Lantern Shirt


You can see Im wearing these in the other pictures. These are the Candycorn earrings.


And if you want even more, check out the freebies inside the store inside more of the little trinket boxes stacked on some shelves. It is clearly marked and has Freebies written on the floor infront. There are some really cute tops, some belts and a Bikini set inside them.

Ruched Button Down Shirt and the Ballet Shirt, both worn with the pink bikini  bottoms.


The Basic Camisole worn without and with the Wide Waist Belt, and the Grey and Pink Bikini Bottoms.


The Grey Bikini and the Blue Bikini with the Cover up worn over the top


The hair worn in these pics is also by Fri.day and is the Dylan Style. It isnt free though, but worth every linden. I really do love the hair here. If you like tousled updo’s then you will too.



Atomic Pumpkin Hunt

Renee and I were talking earlier today and she mentioned that Atomic were having a Pumpkin hunt. Now as you are all probably becoming aware, I loooove to hunt. So I hot footed it on a tp and set about Pumpkin hunting!

There are 12 pumpkins to find, each one has a fab gift inside. At the time of me hunting, number 10 wasnt working. Hopefully they will have that working soon! Its mostly for Females, but the t-shirts and tattooes could be unisex.

You also get skins in 3 different tones and 2 makes ups with freckle or no freckle options. The freckles are kind of hard to see in these pictures, but they are very cute and I love the two different lipstick options. The Creepy Josie Hair worn is also one of the prizes and comes in Green, Black, Orange and Purple.



*sunny halloween*

Ohhhwwyaaahhh you heard it right, nothing dark or mysterious… this year it’s a sunny halloween, with cute ‘sunny’ bones and an orange sexy skeleton as your buddy! Enjoy xxx ^^

Ok seriously there is a hunt at Sunny Sim, it’s easy: 1. buy the HUD, and wear it 2. collect bones 3. ring doorbells (and receive gifts;  click both doorbells when there are two, you’ll get two gifts!)) . Easy enough right? TP over to Sunny sim!

Shops participating are: Malt, Whippet & Buck, Fri.Day, Ohmai, Tiny Bird, Shit Happens, Twosome, Elate, Decoy, Sugarcube.

Farah for FabFree

*all clothing and hair shown are from the hunt – not all hunt items are shown (yes there is more!!)*

Tp over to Sunny Sim here! 



xxx Farah


Darkerside Halloween Hair

I always love the opportunity to get my hands on some hair and I was lucky enough to get an IM from Darkandriel Bury to tell me about the new Halloween Group Gift at her store Darkerside. I arrived at the store and was pleasantly surprised about the mini hunt that was going on there too!

First off, the Group Gift. Join the group and then click the poster to get this awesome Halloween Hair complete with the cute Witchy hat!



For the mini hunt, all you have to do is find 4 little pumpkins scattered around the store. When you find them, you will get these 4 hairstyles. All of which are tintable via a menu you get from clicking on the hair.


Other info
+ Skin by Curio
+ Chemise Dress by Luck Inc


Happy Halloween Hunt

It is a nice Happy Halloween Hunt promoted by [Hate This] and Cilian’gel stores with 12 pumpkins hidden IN Cilian’gel mainstore. All of them are free gifts. You will find total of 4 outfits, 2 for girls and 2 for guys, that may be also unisex, each hidden in 3 pumpkins.
It is totally worth of hunting if you want to spend your halloween matching with someone or just in a fashion way!




Happy Rez Day, Teagan!

~TL~ 2009 Rez Day Special - $2L - 1 of 2 - Purple

~TL~ 2009 Rez Day Special - $2L - 2 of 2 orange

Today is my good friend,Teagan Blackthorne’s Rez day!  I’ve known Teagan since I was a few months old and first beginning to blog for FabFree.  To celebrate her Rez day there are L$2 gifts at ~Tea Lane~!  The first gift has Lynn skin in Molasses, Agave, Honey, Maple, and Sugar tones.  Each skin tone has a freckle version!  The gifts include the Kina updo and Sumaiya pigtails in blackorange, black purple, candycorn, and halloweenorange shades.  All of this is only L$2!

The shorteralls, v-neck shirts, and socks are also in a gift at ~Tea Lane~
for L$2!  This would be a cute outfit for adults and children!

You can also pick up this gory Zombie Girl skin for only L$2 at ~Tea Lane~!

The Jack O lantern shirt and pants are good for anyone who wants to get in the Halloween spirit, but without going all out for the holiday.  I think this outfit is made for men,but it looks great for women as well!  Thank You for sharing this, Velvet Beaumont!  You can get this dollarbie outfit from Everyday Girl on Xstreetsl here:

Jack O lantern set:

Kitty set:

The color change sneakers were a group gift sent to the Duh! sub-o group a few months ago.  I’m not sure if these sneakers are still available in the sub-o history, but its worth a look!

Everyday Style Oct 23, 2009


*~Tea Lane~: Lynn Skin, Hair, Outfit (L$2)
Granymyr ( 240/189/42 )

*Duh!: Color Change Check Sneakers (Sub-o – L$0)
Katachi ( 225/66/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



Trick or Treat @ B&T

This outfit I am wearing is from B&T Atelier.

b&t - a
Trick or Treat Event will happen from October 26th until November 01st. You need to find this basket and try to get the prize! You can try as much as you can until you get your prize. Each basket costs 1L.

trick or treat
These are some of the participating stores:
Agent Orange
Djinn & Tonic
Ear Candy
Cafe Gourmand
Before Sleep
10 Ways 2 Teen Days
La Forgia Jewels
Oh So Couture
Dance Dancefloors
B&T Atelier
SD Wears


LVS & Co Octoberpalooza

I recieved a notecard through last night about all of the festivities going on over at the LVS Drive sim, running from now until November 1st. There are lots of simwide hunts for you to take part in including a Pumpkin Hunt, a Spooky Door Hunt and a Bat Hunt. I decided to concentrate on the Rat Hunt that is going on at LVS & CO.

There are 5 little Rats hidden on the three floors of the store. Each one has a gorgeous prize inside.

Autumn Cutie Dress. You can wear this with or without the little cardigan.

Cowgirl Cutie comes with a fluffy skirt and a sexy pair of hotpants.

Hallow’s Eve lingerie set.

The Hallow Tease set comes with two tops shown here aswell as hotpants and a skirt.

This is the Burning Leaves Ren Dress and it is so beautiful. The picture really doesnt do the colour justice. It is gorgeous.

Kawaii Lil Devil Baseball Hat. It comes with the hair attached and has a ponytail, but I couldnt capture it very well.

Also if you do want to pick up the pumpkin here at LVRS&CO, which is part of the simwide pumpkin hunt that is also going on, you will get this gorgeous Pumpkin Pricess gown.

AND… If that wasnt enough, if you go to The Dollhouse and slap the Hippo Subscriber before the end of October, you will get this cute little Halloween Dolly dress!

I think we should all go and give RavenLynn a huuuuge hug for all of this gorgeousness! Also don’t forget to click the Octoberpalooza sign to find out more about the other festivities and hunts going on during the week!

Other info
+ June2 Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Mayumi Hair by D!va ( not free )
+ Orange Witchy Blushing Booties by Nushru ( not free but cost 25L )
+ Girls Biker Boots by Redgrave ( not free )

Underwear by Concrete Flowers

Sexy guy! Concrete Flowers is offering us a gift in FabFree Group.

concrete no grupo

I will tell you also to visit Concrete Flowers store also and join the subscribo. They will complete one year and there is a lot to come yet! Also, Concrete Flowers send releases and dollarbies advertisement every week! Don’t miss, they are worth of a visit!

*lily muera*

*La muera*…. sound beautiful… but I have no idea what it means, so I googled it, and found it has something to do with the weather or temperture. Whatever it means it’s a beautiful name for this beautiful skin from Exodi, ty Ryker Beck for this gift. Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Exodi – La muera gift skin – oL (4 skintones/ brow options and prim eyelashes)(pick reward gift; takes up 24-48 hours for the script to recognize your pick!)

Farah for FabFree

Exodi – Lily 80’s Night gift skin – oL; Zbilja eyes pack – oL (groupgifts in notices; NOT free to join; )

other items shown: On the catwalk – mauve dress; W&Y – brown hair (mauloa opening gift); pose by striking poses.


xxx Farah