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Seldom Blue / Eternity Brides Gowns

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I went looking for more party dresses after being inspired by the Azul dress, and remembered seeing a gorgeous Dollarbie dress called Kira that Renee previously blogged that she found at one of the stores belonging to Seldom Blue/Eternity Brides. So I tp’d over and scooped that up and then tp’d over to the Seldom Blue main store.

There I found another gorgeous gown only this time a freebie and a board with details of all the offers that they have around the grid! So off I went to get all the goodies!


Starting with the Kira Dress that Renee showed us. This can be found at the Eternity Brides satalitte store in Eostara and is gorgeous bundle of glamour with a yummy floofy skirt.



Next at the Seldom Blue main store, I found the stunning Sky Gown in Pink freebie. To get it simply click the big poster of the dress behind the Lucky Chairs. This dress comes with a full length gown and a cuter shorter version in the pack. You can also wear it as a glamourous bathing suit!



Then I zipped over to the new Seldom Blue satalite store opened at Sxy2nd Plaza. Here you can find two Dollarbie offers. One is the beautifully floaty Stella Gown which is at the back of the store, behind the stairs and the other is the very sexy Evangeline Outfit.


This is the Stella Gown. Its black with a lilac coloured underskirt that shows through the lacey floaty overskirt.



This is the Evangeline Outfit. The skirt on this outfit is not a prim but a system skirt. I usually have problems with them because they don’t like larger framed bodies and I usually have to shave a few inches off of my behind to get them to look right. But I was pleasantly surprised with this and didnt have to make any alterations to my shape at all.


Other information

+ Skin is the Halloween Freebie Gift by Cupcakes
+ Hair is by Truth ( not free )
+ Debbie Xtreme Mary Jane Shoes by Footworks ( not free ) These are only available for the next few weeks on SL Exchange as Footworks have closed down in world. They are selling their shoes on SLX for a limited time at cut prices.


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