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Sassy Kitty

I was in a bit of a “Rock Chick” mood today, so I flicked through my wardrobe to find something that would reflect my mood. Finding one of my favourite dresses by Sassy Kitty, I decided to head over to the store to see what delicious offerings their Lucky Chairs had and I was pleasantly surprised. I came away with a bundle of free booty and I even bought a few seperates.. but the prices are so low and their clothing is so yummy, I couldnt resist!

First the Lucky Chair goodies. It took a little while, but I managed to snag 4 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes. The tops in these pictures are from a pack that is currently Sassy Kitty‘s subscribo gift, so don’t forget to slap that board to get them.

These are the Velvet Hippy Pants in Grey. They come in two versions as shown. The top picture shows the undamaged pair, the second picture shows the distressed pair. They also have 3 different cuffs for the legs. You can have them uber wide, normal like Im wearing or really tight.

Below are pictures of the Velvet Hippy Pants in Pink, which are a sort of magenta colour rather than all out pink.




You don’t get much Rock Chick than Snakeskin pants.. and these are really cute. I love the neutral colour and that they are uber low cut. But thankfully for those who arent quite so daring, there are a pair that comes with a thong attached as you can see from the close up picture.



And talking of low cut.. look at these colourful jeans! They are tight fitting and very sexy and again come with the option of with or without the thong attached. Of course if you don’t like the look of the thong but you love the pants, simply wear the non-thong version and wear a pair of your own on the underpant layer.



Now for the few things that I bought. I think they deserve a mention simply because they are so low priced. The shoes that I am wearing in these pictures are the ones I won from the Lucky Chair.

This dress is the Bare Shoulders Black Torn Dress and costs 60L


This is the Black Emo Hooded Dress and costs 60L


The top worn in this picture is from a pack of 3 tops called Back Flirt Tops. The pack cost 60L and they are so sexy. I absolutely love the bared back. The skirt worn with the top is the Zipped Denim Skirt in Grey and cost 60L


The skin worn in all the pictures is the Cupcakes Halloween gift that you can find in a bag just inside the store, sat on a table. There are 10 shades inside each with a freckled and no freckled version. In the pictures I am wearing the Goth unfreckled skin. This skin is so so pretty and I love the eyemake up.



Other info

+ New Rock Boots by Little Britain Designs ( not free )
+ DDUC Lip Piercing by Skin Pop ( not free )
+ Shooting Stars Tattoo by Paradesigns ( not free )
+ Corvinus hair by Gauze ( not free )
+ Bewb Tape is part of the Foxy Kitty outfit by K&L that you can buy on SL Exchange for 50L
+ Thong is part of the Dominus Bikini Set by Torridwear ( not free and Im not sure if its available anymore )


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