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Nyte N Day Halloween Gift

Remember yesterday I said how much I love little vest sets? Well I heard the news that Nyte N Day had put a cute little Halloween set in their group subsribo as their Halloween gift to all their customers. So over I hopped and slapped the subscribo.

You will need to subsribe, then touch the board again to bring up a menu. Choose History from the options which will open another menu. The gift was number 1 on the menu when I was there earlier. Click this and you will get the gift delivered to you.

You get the vest and the boy shorts as seen in this picture. The clothing is on all layers which is really good if you wear tattooes and the vest is cute enough to be worn as an every day top with a pair of jeans.



I would recommend staying in the Subscribo group too because the clothing there is absolutley gorgeous!


Other info:
+ Skin by Vive9 Aerin freebie as previously blogged
+ Eyes by Poetic Colours
+ Sneakers by House of Curios (not free – 30L)
+ Hair by Tiny Bird (not free)




Vive9 Skin Freebies

Vive9 have set up a warehouse with all of their older skins for sale, with fatpacks starting from 300L. Right where you tp in, there are two boxes on a small table that hold freebie yumminess for you to collect! One holds 8 Maya Skins, 12 Po Skins and 4 Twiggy Skins, all very cute. The other freebie box holds 5 Aerin skins in 5 tones and 3 Cailyn skins in 3 tones. These were my favourites out of the freebies and they are absolutely stunning in a very delicately pretty way.

Here is Aerin.. the skin tones are Pale, Light, Tan, Mocha and Afro. I absolutely adore the pink cheeks! I’ve used the Pale skin tone for the full body shot so you can see the detailing.




Here is Cailyn. The tones are Pale, Light and Tan. The lips are fuller and the cheeks arent so pink. More sophisticated than downright cute. The body detailing is the same as the Aerin skin and I’ve used the Tan skin for the full body shot.




Other info:
+ Eyes by Poetic Colours
+ Sneakers by House of Curios (not free – 30L)
+ Hair by Tiny Bird (not free)



Exodi “Quest for Flesh” Hunt Preview

Starting from 16th October, there is going to be an amazing hunt going on at Exodi called “The Quest for Flesh hunt”. Ryker Beck was extremely kind enough to let Bloggers do the hunt so we could preview the skins for you before the hunt started. So off I gleefully went with candy bucket in hand.

You have to search the area for 23 candy bars that contain 8 female skins, 8 male skins and 6 sets of eyes to add that finishing touch. The tricky thing is, once you find one it will either give you the prize or just the candy, then disappear and respawn elsewhere! Lots of hunting fun! You will get addicted! I know I was! I didnt stop until I got every last gift… and believe me it is well worth every minute. These skins are amazing and the eyes are beautiful.

Below is the preview of the female skins that you can find.. keep your eyes peeled for a preview of the male skins coming soon!

+ Doc Manhatten skin shown with the matching Doc Manhatten eyes


+ Burns Victim skin shown with Melted Eyes


+ Sometimes Dead is Better skin shown with Made of Glass Eyes


+ Lily Elm Death Becomes Her skin with Trapped in Amber Eyes


+ Lily Cherry Death Becomes Her skin with Bewitched Eyes


+ Lily Cedar Death Becomes Her Skin with Bloodshot Eyes


+ Lily Vamped First Blood Skin with Bloodshot Eyes



+ Lily Vamped Cold Blood Skin with Bloodshot Eyes