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Fishy Strawberry Halloween Subscribo Gift

Ambling over to Fishy Strawberry after hearing there was a 50L sale on at the store, I was also told there was a little Halloween Gifty in the subscribo! Sure enough, I joined up, checked the messages and there was a cute little Witchy dress in there! Yay!

Isnt it cute. I love the little skulls on the corset! The hair and skins are also from Fishy Strawberry. More details below.

Needless to say, I bought a few things in the 50L sale aswell. Don’t forget to check upstairs too while you are there as there are skins and hair that are on sale for 50L aswell.

+ Buttoned Dress in Black – 50L Fishy Strawberry
+ Minihood in Red – 50L in the discount area of Fishy Strawberry
+ Lan Skin in Latte – 50L Fishy Strawberry
+ Huntress Hair – 50L Fishy Strawberry

+ Swanlake outfit – 50L Fishy Strawberry
+ Lan Skin in Latte – 50L Fishy Strawberry
+ Huntress Hair – 50L Fishy Strawberry

+ Lan Skin in Latte – 50L Fishy Strawberry
+ Huntress Hair – 50L Fishy Strawberry


Trick or Treat @ Malt & Juicy

I was passed a notecard from Renee about the Trick or Treat event being held over three sims.  You have to look around the Malt, Juicy and the Juicy Mirabella sims to find the stores with the Trick or Treat board outside, then find the Harvest Baskets. Click the basket, pay 1L per turn to try to get the gifts inside. Most give their gifts out without you having to spend more than 10L and these goodies are really worth it. The event ends today so go and get those last minute hunt finds while you can!


The Halloween Pumpkin Knit sweater and adorable fat pack of spooky socks are the gifts from Malt

Spork have packed their basket with the Flight Mini Gold Dress and the Olyvia Red Top. The Necklace is also one of their gifts as are the bracelets worn. There is also a cute Orange and Black vest top which is worn below.

10 Days to Teen Days offer a bundle of cuteness in their Basket to keep yourself warm on these Autumn nights, aswell as a cute little Scarecrow Dolly and a cauldron full of sweeties!

SD Wears have put these two cute outfits in their basket.

Category 5 have been very generous packing their basket with 4 gifts. These pictures just show 2 of the gifts inside. There is also a pack of sundresses and another gown available.

This gorgeous lingerie set is the gift from So Fab! and comes with another set of Halloween inspired orange stockings too.

The skins worn in all the pictures are the gifts in the basket for Total Betty and come in 3 skin tones. There are very pretty so go grab them while you can!

Other info

+ Red Juliette Hair by Exile ( not free )
+ White Mayumi Hair Worn in SD Wears picture by D!va ( not free )
+ White Dylan Hair by Fri.day ( not free )

Halloween @ Mimi’s Choice

Here it goes one more suggestion for Halloween! If you still don’t have your costume for tonight’s party (I am sure you have a party for tonight!), Menlosophy at Mimi’s Choice will give you a hand! Go and get yours!




Edge Designs


This week Edge Designs is giving as dollarbie one outfit for guys and one for girls. The one for girls is this dress that Samara is wearing (no shoes included) and the one for guys is the jeans, vest and t-shirt that I am wearing.


edge 2


Dyn’s gifts

dyn girls

DYN Clothing is giving away 4 outifts as gift, one male and 3 female, to say thanks for all the support that they have received from customers! So, let’s say them that they are welcome and that can count on us always!




The hair I am wearing is Cheerno’s dollarbie Halloween and I completed the look with this t-shirt that is a freebie from Totem, called blue vetor t-shirt. Today is Halloween, get all gifts you can, or you will need to wait until next year’s!




Haunted Allusions

Allussions LQ TT Gift Bag #5

There are lots of gifts to find at in the Nevermore Haunted House and Maze… but you will have to find them!  Search through the Haunted House and spooky Maze to find these gifts from Allusions and more!  Find the Fire and Ice avators (both include a very nice shape, but I am wearing my own), the trick or treat teddy bear, and furniture too!

The grey and black Leana heels are both dollarbies at Chuculet.  The hair is from the mini pumpkin hunt at Darkerside.  The Devil Woman hairstyle (recolored) is shown in the top picture and Treat updo is shown bellow.

Allusions LQ TT Gift Bag #4

L'Quen Trick or Treat BearModern Inspired Bed

Asian table set


*Nevermore: Haunted House & Maze Gifts (L$0)
Nevermore ( 104/191/21 )

*Chuculet: Leana Heels (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*Darkerside: Devil Woman & Treat Hair (Hunt – L$0)
Green Mist ( 13/212/24 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Got Spiders?

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - Got Spiders - Group Gift Dress

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - Got Spiders - Minidress setYou want to know the best part of my “job”?  It’s watching the designers improve their technique!  I swear every new gift I get from Cilia Shepherd is better than the last!  The new group gift for the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs update group members includes the seductive lilac lace up corset top, panties, lace skirt, choker, and witch hat.  This gift can be found at Cilian’gel, just wear the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs group tag and touch the sign.  This gift is timeless!  Take off the witch hat and wear it year round!

Stop by Cilian’gel to sign up for the midnight mania for a chance to win the fishnet ‘Got Spiders?’ lingerie set.  Try your luck with the lucky board for the ‘Got Spiders?’ mini dress!

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - Got Spiders - Lingerie set

Want even more Cilian’gel?  Get the entire Got Spiders? set for only L$200 and you will get all of the outfits shown above plus two full length gowns, one in solid black and the other laced lilac (not shown)!  Be sure to take a look around for more gifts (especially the top floor L$10 offers!)  And don’t forget to pick up the hidden pumpkins throughout the shop (Tarsis showed us the amazing Happy Halloween Hunt prizes a few days ago)!

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - Got Spiders - Gown set


*Cilian’gel: Got Spiders? (Group – L$0)
Valefar ( 88/185/291 )

*Cilian’gel: Got Spiders? Lingerie (Midnight Mania – L$0), Mini Dress (Lucky Board – L$0)
Valefar ( 41/196/292 )

*Chuculet: Leana Heels (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*Decoy: Zoey Hair (Not Free)
Sunny ( 220/186/36 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Group – L$0)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




Trick or Treat hunt at Existence Sim

I can’t believe that October is almost over with for another year! With Halloween tomorrow, there is still time to get in some last minute hunting to gather all the generous gifts around the grid.

Today I wandered over the the Existence Sim, which is home to such great stores such as BOOM! and Modd G. They are having a Trick or Treat hunt which ends on 1st November. All you have to do is wander around the Sim and the stores and find the little orange goodie bags. Inside will be Tricks and Treats! Here is a selection of some of them! There are more to find.

These Survivor Cami’s are the Treat gift from Miseria



These are the trick Cami’s from Miseria


These Cami’s are the Treat from Modd G



These tops are part of the Treat from Nestle my Bosom The other being a tattoo but my inventory decided it liked it so much it ate it before I could take a picture. Gah!



You too can proclaim your love for Moustache Power with this t-shirt and Moustache as the Treat from The Naked Tree



These bracelets are 2 of the Treats from BOOM!


This Park Life Cropped Hooded Top is another gift from BOOM!.. and the cute Pumpkin Poofs are the Trick!



Other Info

+ Grey Bikini Bottoms, part of the Freekinis from Fri.day
+ Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Hair by Cake ( not free )