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Why is Shang Swooning?


Could it possibly be because of all the wonderful things waiting for me when I logged in yesterday morning?

Let’s sit for a moment, and take  a look at some of the cool stuff that appeared in my inventory overnight. (I love how that happens, I wish real life would mirror second life in this aspect.)

Underwater City Skybox from KOSH, Yin-Yang Table and chairs from Concrete Flowers

I got a notice about an underwater skybox from Kosh subscribo, and next door, at Concrete Flowers was a table and chair set waiting. This skybox definitely speaks to the mermaid in me.


Shorts and teeshirt from Doux Couture, pillow set with faint animation from vMotional Animation

But wait! There’s more!

There were some DSN gifts too, like the pillow set from vMotional Animation shown above. There were so many gifts from Doux Couture that I think the subscribo over at Doux Couture might be broken — because it sent out a month’s worth of great gifts on one night.

Pink Hoodie from Fishy Strawberry, halter top from WWI, coveralls from Doux Couture

And we’re not done yet!

Pink hoodie is a Fishy Strawberry DSN gift, it’s great for layering! Coveralls are from Doux Couture.. and already blogged by Renee here. The Doux Couture items were a subscribo gift. The cute Skully Halter is a subscribo gift from WWI.

4 thoughts on “Why is Shang Swooning?

  1. Nope, not broken. I think shes moving everything onto one SoM, instead of having 3. I think everyone got then NC though about it.


  2. I know, I know.

    Once again my effort to be entertaining crashes and burns.


  3. Ehm, what’s DSN again?


  4. KayElle,

    DSN stands for Designer Showcase Network, you can sign up at the shops of designers that participate. Basically, it’s a random sampling of the goods produced by participating designers.