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ALB and Kuri Style


I’ve blogged the wonderful low-priced fashions at Kuri Style before, and I’ve blogged the wonderful fashions at ALB before — but I’ve never blogged them together before. They seem made to wear together, just look at the marriage of ALB and Kuri Style below.

Kuri Style 176 Dress with Lulucia Long Skirt from ALB

These two styles work in perfect unison for a more modern medieval look; perfectly grungy, but still very feminine. The carefree hairstyle is the Back to School prize from from Alli & Ali Designs. Please note that this is the Shopatorium Back to School Hunt, not the sale at Car Wash.

The skirt is part of an outfit. AnaLee Balut sent the skirt for her most recent release to group members this morning. It’s as wonderful as her other designs, and if you love her fashions you won’t be disappointed.

Kuri Style is one of those shops I pop into once in a while. The designer gifts change frequently, and the prices are extremely reasonable. The 176 Dress, shown above, is more a full bodysuit than a dress — it’s an amazing base for many of the long skirts in my inventory — like the Lulucia Skirt shown above.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

I feel like such a ragamuffin.

5 thoughts on “ALB and Kuri Style

  1. I’ve been reading you blog for quite some time now and I’ve realized that you haven’t posted any freebie skins for male that are decent looking…… Is it possible that you could all add a freebie skin for male?


  2. Actually we have. Male skins are hard to come by, but Tarsis posted about the Cybernetic dollarbie male skins recently. But if you scroll through the posts you will find other male skins we have posted in the past. That being said, there are very few legitimate male freebie skins.


  3. BTW Shang, that look is so adorable! and LOVE that hair!


  4. Thnx for the post Shang! Love the style!
    Can you tell me where the hair and the boots are from? Both look gorgeous! Thanx in advance!


  5. Thanks Xandra Renee, I love this look too.

    The hair is from Alli & Ali, the link is in the post. It’s a hunt gift though, so hurry and get it at their Shopatorium shop before the hunt is over.

    The boots are from Maitreya, but they’re not free.

    Thy, I haven’t been blogging male skins because Tarsis has been a fantastic job of keeping up with the freebies for males. Besides the Cybernetic Skins, he also blogged a nice male skin from A.S.S. and males skins from Kosh.