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Do you have enough belts?

You can have many belts, but this new release of KOSH is a must.
Only 1L!

Concrete flowers is releasing  Blooming shirt, you can get this backpack at Magi Take and
these free pants at D-Factor!


On Tarsis:

Top: Blooming Shirt – Concrete Flowers (1L)
Bottom: Free Pants – D-Factor (0L)
Accessories: Magi Take Backpack camo – (0L group gift)
Belt Jaw Vice – KOSH (1L)

= Locations:

CONCRETE FLOWERS – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragonfruit/108/125/25

KOSH – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragonfruit/151/75/25

D Factor – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sankt%20Marx/157/17/23

Magi Take – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Magi%20Island/130/177/23


Hasi’s Back To School Car Wash Goodies!

Hasi`s  top rainbowThere are many great offers at Hasi’s cart for the Back To School sale on The Wash and Car Wash sims.  The dark tan tattooed promo skin is a dollarbie.  Wear the L$10 Rainbow top with the dollarbie brown low rise shorts for a sexy fun look.

The funny bunneh and “boys are stupid” shirts are only L$1!

Hasi`s bunneh shirt brownHasi`s bunneh shirt brown --boys are stupid

The form-fitting nougat and turquoise tanks are both free on Hasi’s cart!

Hasi`s Tank Top nougatHasi`s Tank Top turqouise

The hot pink Giraffe corset top is only L$10!

Hasi`s Giraffe top hot pink

Hasi`s Tank Top pinkThere’s even an 11 piece box of goodies which includes a pink string bikini, ultra mini shorts with lace, jean skirt, pink tank top, transparent black top, black and pink stripe happy socks, and three star bangles!  All this and more for only L$10!

The purple sneakers are a past gift from Hoorenbeek.  The Rina hair is from the lucky boards at D!va.

Hasi`s bikini string pinkHasi`s sexy transparent top


*Hasi’s: Clothing (L$0 – L$10)
Car Wash ( 128/148/24 )

*Hoorenbeek: Purple Sneakers (Past Gifts – L$0)
JT World VI ( 137/26/23 )

*D!va: Rina Hair (Lucky Board – L$0)
RYOTAN LAND ( 54/26/42 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



More Back to School Sale Goodness!

Scribe Style has even more back to school goodies for us. More tee shirts with irreverent sayings than you can shakes a fist at.

Scribe Style teeshirts

Shown with the tee shirts from Scribe Style are skins from Firefall (0L$ limited time offer, top left), and A.S.S. from the Car Wash Back to School sale.

Scribe Style tee shirts

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Reasonable Desires: 10 lindens or Less!

Purple Plaid School Girl (RD)

Purple Plaid School Girl (CARWASH LABOR DAY SALE!) (RD)There are so many fabulous deals at The Wash and Car Wash double sim, back to school L$10 or less sale!  Check out the amazing deals from Reasonable Desires!  The very sexy purple plaid school girl outfit includes mid-drift top, skirt, white panties, socks, glasses, hair tie, backpack and biology book.


The Reasonable Desires cart also has tons of sexy lingerie and a cute demure Sleep Sweet pajama set that would look adorable on a child, teen, and adult avatars!

The fabulous boots are from the Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) cart!  I love these boots!  Quite seductive, don’t you agree?

The fair tone Emi skin from Concord Clothing comes with a freckled version (which I am wearing) and a flawless skin.  The dollarbie skin is the Hodgepodge welcome gift from Concord Clothing.

Leopard Panties (CARWASH LABOR DAY SALE!)Black - lace with little red flower (RD)

Deep Blue Studded Strap Set (CARWASH LABOR DAY SALE!)Avery Yum! (CARWASH LABOR DAY SALE!) (RD)

Fine Red Striped Lingerie (CARWASH LABOR DAY SALE!) (RD)Arcadia Lingerie DECADENT (RD)


*Reasonable Desires: Clothes, Lingerie, Accessories (Car Wash L$10 or less Sale)
Car Wash ( 84/158/28 )

*Hoorenbeek: Purple Sneakers (Past Gifts – L$0)
JT World VI ( 137/26/23 )

*Sentou Yousei (battle fairy): Delia Boots (L$10)
Car Wash ( 154/161/24 )

*Amacci: Beata Hair (Group – L$0)
Amacci ( 186/115/22 )

*Concord Clothing: Emi Skin (L$1)
Hodgepodge ( 74/9/25 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



*not free – but fair priced: 50L fridays*

(…. but.. there are some free items mentions too!! sooo keep reading)

 Farah for FabFree

There is a new group in SL called ‘Fifty Linden Firdays’, and it’s as easy as it sounds.. there are several items priced at 50L from different designers. I know this is NOT FREE, but if you can afford it, it is a GREAT DEAL for items which are usually expensive! And I do loooveee to share great deals! So if  you are interested in this group join: secondlife:///app/group/4736f8f4-8b07-85c3-6952-ceafd0673096/about  (copy past this link in your chat, than click it!). Grab the notecard from the notices for this weeks designers and slurls!


Wearing from the 50Lfridays:

Tiny Bird – I hate camera – chestnut hair – 50L

Piddidle – denim mini dress – fleur – 50L

Epoque – oversized shades – fatpack – 50L

Tyranny Designs – sweet augustine skin – 50L

other items shown (free or dollarbie): chuculet – nala sandals – 1L; magi take shop – gingham shirt – 0L (groupgift in store) also green bag – 0L (groupgift in store); en svale – knee socks (old freebie, may still be in store); mnk shop – white belt – 1L (in store giftbox)


xxx Farah