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Runo Runo


I love the clothes in Runo Runo. They are simple, classic designs that can be worn alone, or mixed with other outfits.

Although prices are very low at Runo Runo, with many items priced at 50L$ or less, there are some great freebies too.

Runo Runo bargains

Shown above are a couple of freebies I found.

The James Shirt, on the left is adorable. I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled with it from the picture in the shop.. but decided t give it a try anyway. I love this shirt! The detail on this shirt is wonderful, and it comes with prims to fit men or women. Go get it guys!

The petal dress is ultra-feminine. It’s a floaty, delicate dress in an ‘almost there’ peach colour.

Runo Runo bargain

Black Sateen, shown above, is one of those versatile  “go with everything” pieces I spoke about. This comes in a ton of layering and style options, and the thong back is simply delicious.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

2 thoughts on “Runo Runo

  1. But *where* did you get those amazing harlequin boots?


  2. The cute Pink Argyle Boots are from Wik’s Warehouse at Vinyl Cafe.



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