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Dead Town and Mingo!


Dead Town is a new-to-me sim, I stopped by to check it out because it has a couple of my favourite shops there.. ok, maybe a lot of my favourite shops.

Right now, there are some freebies, dollarbies scattered about, you’ll have to walk around and look for them, because they are spread out among a few different shops. Besides.. this is a sim that deserves to be explored.

deadtown1The leafy shirt shown above left is a dollarbie from Plastik. The gift box has a number of cool things in it, including the shirt, bangles, and gloves I’m wearing in the above picture.

On the right is the lovely Circus Feak dress in green from Blue Blood. I’m wearing free Queen of Hearts shoes from Mingo with this dress.


Shown above are close-ups of the free shoes and hair from Mingo!

Blue Blood and Plastik are inside the Dead Town Hotel.

deadtown2Above are two free gifts from Grim Bros. Grim Bros shop in Dead Town is located just south of the hotel. It’s definitelty worth a look, they have some of the most unigue clothing and accessories on the grid.

You’ll find one gift downstairs, and another upstairs.fabshang

3 thoughts on “Dead Town and Mingo!

  1. i been to Grims Bros but could not find the dresses could you provide a slurl for them pls ??



  2. Shania, I found the gifts in their mainstore (upper floor, some other stuff around the shop), you can get the landmark in the Deadtown store, I don’t have the SLURL right now, sorry. 🙂


  3. I’ve updated the post with the lm to Grim Bros at dead Town. This doesn’t allow direct teleports, so just follow the bouncing red arrow. It should put you right at the gift on the lower floor.