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*help me convince Renee!*


Ohla! Ever since I joined FabFree I’ve been bugging Renee with lots of ideas to attract readers, members and so on. So everytime we had more members in our SL group, we we’re very happy, and started rewarding people for being in our group, appreciating them to have joined our group. The same thing happened when they had our FabFree HQ in their picks, and for joining our FabFree Flickr group! Soooooooooooooo last (but not least) are our true blog readers… I’ve been bugging Renee forever to have a FabFree-readers appreciation day… and well… it might get through! I am soo very thankfull for all of you, i’ve met a few of you inworld, and i’m soo happy i did! I love blogging and i’m happy  you like to read our blog. I am speaking for all our blog-writers when i say, that you are the ones we are blogging for! Soooooooooo do you want a fabfree-readers appreciation day? Help me convince Renee!!

blogstats 12


Reneeeeee… look at our stats!! Does this do the trick?! Like  over 100.000 of readers aproximatly in last months, and July isn’t over jet!!  

averages stats

Reneeeeee… that are like about 3000 – 4000 readers per day!!  


Sooo they deserve a fabfree-readers appreciation day, right?


xxx Farah

Author: Farah Palmer

I love fashion, freebies, second life and blogging about it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/farahpalmer/ http://farahpalmer.wordpress.com

12 thoughts on “*help me convince Renee!*

  1. I officially am in-favor of anything in appreciation of me, haha!
    But really, this blog is great, and we appreciate you guys more for writing it!


  2. do it, do it *chants & dances*
    this blog is amazing. a true addiction =x
    thanks for the hard work guys!


  3. Probably we should be saying thankyou as I know I have found some great stuff via this blog.


  4. come onnn ladiesss… (and guys)… I neeeedd more comments !! Help me convince Renee… we can have a greaaaatt party too!



  5. btw… thankk you sooow much for reading xxx


  6. Talk about being spoiled! How can we say no to this? This is by far my favorite group in SL. Oh and Farah, I hope to meet you soon in world 🙂


  7. WOWSERS!! Just look at those stats! That’s amazing, and also just shows how much your hard work has paid off ( and I know how hard it is to maintain a blog, even though it’s a fraction of ths size of this one!)

    Good Luck Farah:)


  8. @ christine and kitty.. thank you soo mucho for comments!!
    I’d love to meet christine… let’s do that! Thank you Kitty…


  9. Yes please. That is mighty impressive. I am very happy to be amongst them, have you on my bloglines reader so I never miss a post.
    JMB Balogh in SL.


  10. I think we should thank first the bloggers since thanks to them I have awfully awsome clothes… and then there should be a day celebrating US since thanks to our support this blog exists!


  11. aw yay those stats rawk! Yes for readers appreciation day. But honestly you all are amazing!


  12. Very Very VERY cool idea 🙂 Lots of reader 😉 Sounds like a great idea Renee 🙂