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The Body as Art


SL glitches from time to time. Sometimes the glitches are incredibly frustrating, like not being able to get group chat for a few weeks, and sometimes they’re.. well.. look.


Shang has no body.

Not as in “I ain’t got nobody”, but rather, “I ain’t got no body”.

A simple rebake fixes this problem, so no worries — Shang has a body again.


What I really wanted to show you is this wonderful lucky chair find from Dark Eden. The Shibari Chain Set (in silver here), while not everyday wear, sure is pretty. Full prim chains that cover none of your saucy bits are perfect for those with a more submissive nature, or for those of us who love well-made, unusual treasures.


This flowery pink body suit is called Pink Fantasy, and it was a Midnight Mania prize from a new-to-me shop called Sandra’s. This is a wonderful base for outfits (I love to mix-and-match).. and a white tutu looks wonderful with this.


This more demure, but certainly not dowdy gown is called bformal, and it’s a 20 minute camp prize from Sandra’s.

The belt is from an amazing pack sent to the Nomine sunscribo group. There are several version of the belt in the Nomine gift, as well as matching armbands, the bangles, anklets, and a pair of earrings.


2 thoughts on “The Body as Art

  1. This made me laugh! A LOT! Love the top picture, it should be your profile pic!
    ~Renee Lowenhart~


  2. It would be cool if it would work.. but the proportions are wrong for a profile pic.