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Milk and Circuses

Ok, so it’s really bread and circuses.. but I’ve changed it to fit my needs.

As many of you have probably heard (and you have heard if you read my blog with any regularity), most of the Rezzable sims are closing up shop and leaving Second Life. Greenies will remain, and King’s Rezzable.. but nothing else will remain.

So, today I’ve chosen to showcase the designs from Lemania Indigo and Lestat Reuven at Crimson Shadow and the Carnival of Doom.

Ringmaster, by Lemania Indigo Designs


Standing in an empty big top, I have the ringmaster’s stand all to myself. Center stage, I play to a non-existent audience.

Ringmaster is the current retiring dollarbie from Lemania Indigo Designs. You know the routine; it’s 1L$ until it’s gone.. and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.


How appropriate that something by a designer named Lestat should be photographed at Crimson Shadow. This was one of the first goth sims I discovered when I first started exploring Second Life. I’ve come back so many times since then: for the ambiance, for the wonderful lucky chair prizes (though I never did win one), for the recent Crimson Shadow hunt, and now for the sale as it’s closing for good.

Milk AD is a wonderful mono-tone gown, and I feel other-wordly in this dark sim. The Milk AD gown is the weekly dollarbie from The French Farm, and the Milk AD shoes shown above are 200L$; they’re not free, but they do match the gown flawlessly.


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