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Cilian’gel’s Retro Polka Dot

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - The Gift number 11

The black polka dot dress is gift #11 in the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs group notices.  This gift comes with the black retro dotted dress, ballet flats, matching headband, and shades!  There is a fee of L$2 to join the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs update group.

The curly “Ruby” hair is one of the House of Heart submissions in Hair Fair 2009.  The short “Blythe” style is one of the donation hairstyles for the Hair Fair.  You can purchase these hairstyles at the House of Heart location if you missed them at the Hair Fair.  The hair shown is not free, but a percentage of the proceeds go towards Locks of Love, which provides hair for children with long term medical hair loss.  More info on this event and the charity can be found on the Hair Fair website.

What better accessory for this outfit than a black and white panda?  This panda is in the lucky chair at The Passion Pit.  The panda is so awesome, let me tell you what he does!  This adorable creature says random spurt comments out.  You can program him to say anything you wish!  Mine says, “Someone is looking at you”, “Are you REALLY gonna buy that?”, and “Renee, where are your shoes!” (cause I tend to TP everywhere without them on).  The possibilities are endless and you can add up to 20 phrases.  Another really cool thing about this panda is that you can have him pass out up to nine random objects.  Finally somewhere to put all those lollipops and cupcakes that are gathering dust in your inventory!

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - The Gift (number 11)


*Cilian’gel: Gift #11 (Group – L$0)
Valefar ( 42/198/292 )

*The Passion Pit: Party Panda (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Cataclysm ( 112/169/40 )

*House of Heart: Ruby & Blythe Hair (Hair Fair – Not Free)
Tropical Escape ( 64/96/23 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Fuzzy ( 230/179/34 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



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Rosy Mood For A Symphony of Skins!

Symphony Skins will be retiring the *SS* No.2 Series of skins on July 31st.  To orchestrate the retirement, the “Jazz Club” skin fatpack in all tones are out as hunt gifts.  There are three different makeups in Cognac, Mesmerized, and Showgirl.  Each one of these makeups has six skin tones to find in Presto, Vivace, Allegro, Moderato, Andante, and Largo.  Look for the not so hidden roses to find all 18 of these precious melodies!

The roses are hidden indoors, outdoors, around the garden out front, and even near bridges, so look everywhere!  Even if you aren’t a hunter, do this hunt!  It only took me 10 minutes to find them all!


Goodbye Rose #1 Presto- CognacGoodbye Rose #2 Vivace- CognacGoodbye Rose #3 Allegro- CognacGoodbye Rose #4 Moderato- CognacGoodbye Rose #5 Andante- CognacGoodbye Rose #6 Largo- Cognac


Goodbye Rose #7 Presto- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #8 Vivace- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #9 Allegro- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #10 Moderato- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #11 Andante- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #12 Largo- Mesmerized


Goodbye Rose #13 Presto- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #14 Vivace- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #15 Allegro- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #16 Moderato- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #17 Andante- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #18 Largo- Showgirl

Also, Symphony Skins is having a retirement sale on the *SS* No.2 skin line.  The sale will run until July 31st.  Get a fatpack of three skins for only L$250, or for L$1500 the entire mega pack.

The cutesy Honor pigtails, texture changeable Breeze hat hair, and Rock U updo are three styles ROSY MOOD submitted for Hair Fair 2009.  If you missed these hairstyles, they are now located at the main ROSY MOOD location.  The styles are L$120 for a pack of three colors or only L$250 for the nine colors fatpack!


*Symphony Skin: Cognac, Mesmerized, & Showgirl Skins (Hunt – L$0)
Artisan ( 67/192/22 )

*ROSY MOOD: Honor, Breeze, & Rock U Hair (Hair Fair – Not Free)
Alleni ( 133/238/39 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )



Lady Luck hits Ema’s

Hawk and I hit it big with the lucky chairs at Ema’s yesterday. I love Ema’s fashions, they’re very well made, funky, and come with cool pieces I can mix and match with pieces from other outfits.

The lucky chairs are randomised, so getting any one outfit will be.. well.. a random stroke of luck. But the chairs flip fast, and there is usually a group there to flip letters for you.


Shown above are the Lucky Chair neko ears (transferable), and Red and Black.


Shown above left is the super sexy Fandango. The short sweater shows a little, without baring it all. On the left I’m wearing Ladybug, a cute skirt and leggings combo.


All out neko style on the left with the Lucky Chair ears and tail worn with Alien.  On the right is Pink Power.


On the left is My Heart Soars, a former Midnight mania win. It’s no longer on the board.. but some good stuff can always be found on Ema’s MM board. I’ve shown it with the black Neko Legwarmers with Piddle Shoes. On the right is the very sweet Snowflake.

emas5On the left is Caldonia, a cute school-girlish look. On the right is the most recent Midnight Mania prize.

  • Ema’s:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/170/130/26
  • whew.. that’s a lot of lucky chair goodness!


    Oriental Express at Lemania’s

    There is a new Midnight Mania at Lemania Indigo Designs building today.

    It’s time to take a trip down memory lane back to the 70’s and 80’s to the time of the show Dynasty. Big bold prints were in, and bold fashion statements were the order of the day. This outfit has a pair of boots to match.. I love these boots!


    The Midnight Mania is won at 250, and Dynasty will be on it until next Tuesday.