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To the Reader of this parchment:

Some mischevious sprite chose to take my box of trinkets from me. While I was able to retrieve the box, the trinkets within, all part of a special eight piece set, are still missing. Won’t you help me find them?

For each one you find, the sprite will be forced to surrender not only the trinket to your care, but also a gown, in hue matching the trinket’s margest jewel. As a reward for finding them all, when you return them to me, you will be presented with a special thank you gift.

Up for the challenge? I hope you are, as I can barely wait to see my trinkets safe once more!

(To submit your proof of completing the hunt, put all the tokens that are included with each trinket, one from each, into a folder, this should total eight (8) tokens. Put your name on the folder, and as soon as they can be processed, your prize will be sent to you. REMEMBER: Your name MUST be on the folder.)

ksOn the left is one of the hunt prizes that is inside the trinket. You get a prize gown, Allegra, inside each trinket (1L$ each).. shown above in azure. Each trinket has a different coloured version of the gown.

On the right is the current Lucky Chair prize, worn by Hawkreloo.


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