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More Random Stuff

Random stuff that is just a mishmash of some good quality freebies I’ve picked up.

Skin is a past dollarbie from [42], and is no longer available as a dollarbie. Hairstyles were not free.




BooPerFunk at the Hair Fair

BooperFunk has some cool dreads for those of us who love dreads. These styles are not for those who like to “fit in”, and as Booperkit says, “If you’re looking for photo-realism, don’t come here.” You  have to have a certain.. flair.. to pull off these hairstyles.


On the left is RockTheDeimos_Noir, and on the right is PlayYourTunes.


Shown above is Freaky Friz, a really big afro that frames your face in all out style.


Above on the left is SheBangsIt_bruno, and on the right is VeeDubla naturals TC.


Shown above is Symfoni_chockitips.

There are several more great hairstyle to be seen at BooperFunk!

Styles are 200L$ each, with 50% going to Locks of love, so if you if you see a hairstyle you love buy it now rather than later.


MiaSnow at the Hair Fair


Shown above is Special Day. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this hairstyle goes to Locks of Love.


Shown above is Summer Breeze. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this hairstyle goes to Locks of Love.


Car Wash

I decided to explore the Car Wash sim a bit. I’ve been there many, many times, of course.. it is the home of Fabfree HQ after all.


Car Wash reminds me of some cities in Florida, right down to the trailers mobile homes.

There are two sims actually. Car Wash and The Wash are connected by a two-lane bridge.


The residences here are an odd mix, ranging from Airstream travel trailers to a medieval castle. Somehow, this hodgepodge collection of dwellings all seem to fit.


Yep, we even have ‘outdoor furniture’ here. Ain’t nothin’ like a few chairs ’round a camp fire to make one feel at home.


And check it out.. the furniture matches my shirt! Get’s a bit soggy after a good rain though.


The designer of the sims has thought of everything. There are cultural hot spots, and fine eateries.


You can eat at Mama Flo’s. Insider tip: The service here is a bit slow here, so bring a book to read.  hmm.. I wonder what’s in the gift box on the counter.


Berto’s Pink Taco Shop. Insider tip: Eat at Mama Flo’s.

What is Shang wearing?

Insider tips:  Get the 75L$ Hell Bop gift card from Fabfree HQ for a great deal on the red tie shirt (or anything else in Hell Bop). Look for the pieces of cake lying all over Car Wash and The Wash for some great gifts. There are many more Let Them Eat Cake gifts than what I’ve shown here.