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U-Neek at the Hair Fair


I love ‘out there’ hair styles, and U-Neek definitely has one or two that qualify. Some of these hair styles are works of art in and of themselves, and deserve to be displayed as such.


This style, Techoid Whitends (not free) , is beautiful. I can see it being stunning on a futuristic mermaid.


Edible Mowwy from U-Neek. Gummies! (freebie)


Whiteblak Medulla Hair from U-Neek (not free).


Devillish Lox Redblack from U-Neek (not free).


Candifleur Blackendz Lox from U-Neek (not free).

2 thoughts on “U-Neek at the Hair Fair

  1. please rename this site to

    fab sometimes free – venally blogger whores


  2. Biash (I suppose the name fits),

    I’m sorry you don’t approve of charity. Really, I am.

    Normally I wouldn’t post such expensive items on Fabfree.. however, the Hair Fair benefits a very worthy cause: the money is used to make hair pieces for children suffering with cancer.

    However, if it makes you happy, the bandeau top was a dollarbie from Rock Me Amadeus, the swimsuit top was a freebie, and all the skins were freebies or dollarbies.

    Have a nice day.



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