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Bedlam and cute bytes


The ebil vampire bunny slippers say, “Go to Fabfree HQ and get the **cute bytes** neko ears and tail! Mwahahe”.


Ebil vampire bunny slippers are a lucky board win (Woot! go me!) from [Bedlam].



4 thoughts on “Bedlam and cute bytes

  1. the slippers are so cool *__*
    bu I can’t find them U_U


  2. Hi Martina.

    The slippers are in the lucky board. The lucky board rotates products; so you’ll have to wait not only for your initial, but for the slippers to roll around again too.


  3. Hi! 🙂

    Where did you get the hair? It goes great with the Neko outfit!

    Do you know any good place where I can get/buy good shapes? I want one similar than the one I have but with a bit more curves since belts never fit me… lol

    Thanks! And congrats on the new lovely shop!


  4. Hi Darcie.

    This hairstyle gets comments every time I use it in a photo. It’s from !Mingo!, and I agree that it’s a perfect ‘neko’ hairstyle.

    I always suggest making your own shape. Start with a modifiable base shape you like and tweak it till you get a shape you’re happy with. Shape-making is a slow process, and you need to check the shape from all angles with every change you make to ensure that it works all the way around. Don’t forget to back-up your base shape before you start tweaking!

    And thanks, the new HQ is fantastic!