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Let TorridWear Complete Your Studio M!

The silvery blue Ornate halter dress is the welcome gift from studio m when you join the sub-o group.  This welcome gift includes red ballet flats and a red bracelet.  The shorter green Nenneh Ethnic dress is in the lucky chair at studio m.  The yellow Denim Classic pump are one of the pairs of heels in the gift from Shoe Fly Shoes at the FabFree Headquarters.

Blue - Ornate Halter Dress (studio m)Green - Nenneh Ethnic Bubble Dress (studio m)

Silver - Ava Bangles&Earrings&Necklace (chuculet)The silver and gold bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are the exclusive June gift for Fabulously Free in SL group members at chuculet!  Activate the Fabulously Free in SL group tag and touch the board in store to receive this gift!  By the way, the chuculet exclusive gift includes something for the guys too!

The “Golden Girl” Holiday skin is from Enchant3D Emporium and can be found free at the FabFree Headquarters.  This gift includes a Golden Girl bikini, bracelet, and necklace!  Tp to Enchant3D Emporium and check out the dollarbie section!  The second floor has at least 25 dollarbie outfits for the ladies and men in SL.

The 96 side ponytail is from the lucky board at W&Y.  This hair comes with the option to wear with or without the color changeable hat.

The black Steamchunks are free from Shoe Fly Shoes in the Spring Flower Hunt.

Enchant3D Emporium[E3D] Enchant3D - Golden Girl

All the poses are are from TorridWear.  Six poses are a free welcome gift when you join the sub-o group and there is a gift bag of three poses on the table.  If you walk backstage at TorridWear you can grab some clothing for free or nearly free!  The prices for the clothes are incredibly cheap! There is a pack of 4 jeans, 2 shorts, 3 shirts and two fishnet outfits for L$1 or free!  The charcoal Broken Heart t-shirt was given to .:StoRin:. sub-o members today.  This shirt is for the men, but works nice for women as well!

(TorridWear) - Wired(TorridWear) - Vanity Top

(TorridWear)  - Hot Wired(TorridWear) - Shorts


*Studio m: Nenneh Ethnic Dress (Lucky Chair – L$0), Ornate (Sub-o – L$0)
Royal Tots ( 86/234/21 )

*chuculet: Ava Jewelry (Group – L$0)
BabyDoll ( 35/57/22 )

*TorridWear: Clothing (L$1 – L$0)
Menel ( 170/54/23 )

*.:StoRin:.: Broken Heart T-Shirt (Sub-o – L$0)
Lalique ( 184/63/28 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: SteamChunks (Hunt – L$0)
Dubya City ( 46/185/25 )

*Enchant3D Emporium: Skin, Bikini, Bracelet, Necklace (FabFree – L$0)
Han Loso ( 232/142/80 )

*W&Y: 96 Hair (Lucky Board – L$0)
TSUKIJI ( 189/238/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*TorridWear: Poses (Sub-o – L$0)
Menel ( 170/54/23 )