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Succubus War Queen


This is one of those jaw-dropping “Wow!” outfits. If you walk into a room in any scenario.. no matter how high fantasy it is..  people are definitely going to to notice you when you’re wearing this.


When I saw the announcement in a group chat about a Midnight Main, followed by a “You have to see this outfit!”, I decided to pop over to Vendom Demonically Gothic. The Succubus War Queen was on the board!

Vendom Demonically Gothic:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vengeance/202/63/22


2 thoughts on “Succubus War Queen

  1. They also have 4-5 lucky fortunes for the new blue crystal demon skin and 4-5 lucky chairs rotating items every 5-3 minutes for 3-4 different items, including the new jade demonic skin.


  2. They have a lot of very cool stuff in the shop, definitely worth a look-see.

    I need an alt with a weird-letter name — like K or X.

    /me goes to stand behind all the other “S” names to wait in line at the lucky chairs.