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Grendel’s Children meets Pacific Sunrise (sort of)

Grendel’s Children has the largest collection of non-human avatars in Second Life.. and most of them are available for a single L$.

I love dropping in to the aquatic’s area from time-to-time (shoot, I love all of Grendel’s Children.. even the bug thingies!) just to look. The last time Istopped there, I bought not one.. but three full avatars at only 1L$ each. I know, I know.. I splurged and shelled out a whole 3L$.


The jellyfish avatar is a full avatar. It includes the ghostly skin you see, and an AO that helps promote the idea that you are a jellyfish. I altered the shape a bit (yes! it’s mod!) because.. at least in my mind’s eye.. merjellies would be rather blob-like on top.. not long and lithe.

Next up was the deep sea siren.


This is a beautiful full avatar. Out of all the merfolks I see in SL, the ones at Grendel’s Children and Tekili-li are the most mer-like. These are truly a people adapted to living fully in the water. This siren avatar includes a wonderful swimming animation that is worth the 1L$ all by itself.

The third mer avatar I purchased isn’t ready yet.

Tune in later to see what I mean.

* Grendel’s Children:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Avaria%20Tor/209/228/250

Pacific Sunrise is a mer-shop filled with mer goodies. And now you can camp for several top-quality mer avatars and mer-poses. I’ve been wanting to get the Ursula one for some time and when i saw it in the camping chair.. woot! /me joy jumped.


I adapted my own shape, and used a different hair for this picture because I wanted a younger version of Ursula for another blog post. The hair and shape that come with the full avatar is all-out Ursula, right down to her full cheeked, squared-off jaw.. it’s an excellent interpretation of the villainess.. and the tentacles are to die for.

* Pacific Sunrise: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bluewarren%20Paradise/37/225/1