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lots of dresses for you!

 Some new items to share with you… I hope u like them! Only dresses in this post! I am totally in love with the new Shiloh skin from Exodi, although it’s not free.. it’s absolutelty gorgeous, and I am addicted, and can’t take it off! Sowwy. Also I created some necklaces, which are for sale for 1L$ each at my shop chuculet ! Some are shown below. Sooo.. last thing… I stalked the Icing lucky chair all day yesterday… it’s soo crowded, soo also laggy, but letters change quick.. soo it’s up to you guys.. just be nice, patient and stay friendly please! xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

zif’s – zif zumba black dress – 0L

chuculet – ava necklace silver smokey night – 1L

other items shown: heels by yourskin*yourshape, hair piper by maitreya.

 Farah for FabFree

Icing – Pizzicato Poppies Dress – oL (lucky chair) (I stalked this chair a whole day… lol.. it’s really crowded at the place, soo this is your time to go.. but.. please be patient, and be friendly!! Enough for everyone!)

TwinkleBerry – Felice – verde set – oL (luckyboard)

other items shown: hair amber by maitreya, peeptoe heels by skgshoes (5L offer of the week)

 Farah for FabFree

SKG shoes – Barbara/Amanda dress – 5L (offer of the week; two belt options)

SKG shoes – Katia Peeptoe pumps orange – 5L (offer of the week; two belt options)

chuculet – ysa necklace gold – 1L

ETD – Jolleen hair – 1L (colorpack in freebie shop, use teleportsign)

 Farah for FabFree

Towa – balloon dress – 1L (opening gift zenith mall; also matching prim nails – 1L, i am wearing them.. but u can’t see it .. i think… )

other items shown: laynie hair from Exile, chi chi pumps from Maitreya, Pig socks (old groupgift)


all pictures:

All skins shown are from Exodi  (former Genesis) – Shiloh Skins (not free!).

All poses are by KS2Cool.

Eyes by Tuli – luminous brown.

Eyelashes by On the Catwalk – Doe.



a little note: if you are into RL styling and want to play with fashion and different looks, you should definitaly join LookLet at http://looklet.com/. Sign up and start creating those looks, be your own stylist… I am NOT signing up, cause it seems soo addictive.. and well I like SL-(freebie)-fashion just enough! xxx

a little second note: these windlight settings by Caliah Lyon are easy to set up for anyone (i tried, and i’m blonde! ;))! They will make your avatar look prettier without using face lights and no shadows will be seen. But the best thing is: u can use them as your default settings! (which is new to me, cause I kept changing to my WL settings everytime I logged in!)



xxx Farah


And the winners are…

The FabFree Monthly Flickr Contests haven’t been as succesfull as we hoped they would be.  So I am very sad to tell you, that there will be no contest for the next month. You can still enter your free findings, or fabulous free looks to our FabFree Flickr group.

Soo for the last month, we only had two entries.. and we decided to reward them both for entering in the contest! Thank you for adding your pictures to our pool, and congratulations! I hope u will continue contributing to our FabFree Flickr group!

Winners are: Nailah Ghost and Castries Beaumont!

They both received two giftcard, one from Pixel Doll (175 L$) and one from SD Wears (175L$)! Congratulations!

FabFree Monthly Contest –May 

Nailah Ghost
Color: Blue and/or Purple
I like wearing: Jeans and stylish blouses, heels and jewelry.
I spend my time: Supporting my Fiance at his DJ events, Freebie hunting and shopping!
picture credits


 FabFree Monthly Contest-May

 Castries Beaumont
my favorite color: first; Black & white (I know, they are no colors exactly ;-)))), but I wear them all the time, rose, yellow, beige, brown….I stop it here…
I like to wear: from casual over romantic to poppy style; that always depends on my mood. I love to dress up new almost every 5 seconds (that´s why I thank god for SL)
I like to spend my time in SL: First of all I spend my time with shopping (shame on me), but I love to discover beautiful places and landscapes here as well, as I love the opportunity to meet a lot of different people from all over the world every day.

picture credits



Aabbi Rhode, also joined in our FabFree Flickr Contest for May! So three winners in total! Congratulations to Aabbi Rhode, and thank you sooo much for joining. (don’t forget to put your pic in the discussion next time 😉 lol)! Aabbi also received a giftcard from SD wears (175L$)!

Fab Free Monthly Contest May

Aabbi Rhode
Favorite Color: Turquoise
What I like to wear: This is a hard one because I change st drastically from day to day. I like to wear whatever fits the sim Im planning to hang out on. I like to wear taylored clothes or steampunk.
How do I like to spend my time: Most of my time Im either building for my shop ~Tree House Treasures~ or role playing in Nevaria a dark alice sim where I play an elven witch. And most of all trying to stay out of trouble which never works out 😛 

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