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OMG, I LOVE this skin!


These two Giselle dresses are free from UnPick after a 50 minute camp for each.  The black Elise2 Mary Jane heels are free from Tesla.  The jewelry worn is from the Twinkleberry lucky board.  The Summary hair comes in a fat pack of colors for a dollarbie at UnPick.

(UP) GF Giselle[black](UP)GF Giselle[white]

Still in need of a few good swimsuits this summer season?  The golden olive strapy bikini was a gift to SYSY’s sub-o group members.  From the lucky chair at OPIUM Everyday you can win the green and gold “Raquel” bikini.  The pale Heather skin is absolutely stunning from CIPRIA COUTURE.  This skin was delivered from the Designer Showcase Network system.  If you are already a group member of the DSN and didn’t receive this skin, try the redelivery Designer Showcase Network system.  The system randomly gives a gift from the data base, so you may not have gotten this skin and you might get it in the future.  It’s all random.  The site states:  “The network creates random subscriber/creator pairs each day for every single transaction. There is no “creator of the day” who’s samples get sent to all subscribers. Instead, the system tries to cover as much creators as possible with the daily transactions. Provided the designer does not change their sample, your friend might receive the item tomorrow, next week, or even in a couple of months.”  For more info check out the DSN FAQ Page.

sysy'sOpium Everyday

The floral Hawaiian bikini is in the CIPRIA COUTURE subscribe-o-matic.  There is also a midnight mania bikini, so be sure to register for that!

Bikini - Floral Hawaiian (CIPRIA COUTURE)


*UnPick: Giselle Dresses (Camp – L$0)
Brackish ( 101/148/331 )

*Tesla: Elise2 Mary Jane Heels (L$0)
Tesla ( 48/29/54 )

*SYSY’s: Golden Olive Bikini (Sub-o – L$0)
Rigby ( 128/206/24 )

*OPIUM Everyday: “Raquel” Bikini (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Le Zoo ( 226/222/31 )

*Twinkleberry: Jewelry (Lucky Board – L$0)
Brackish ( 79/101/331 )

*UnPick: Summary Hair Pack (L$1)
Brackish ( 86/134/331 )

*CIPRIA COUTURE: Hawaiian Bikini (Sub-o – L$0)
Zanzibar ( 82/48/23 )

*DSN: CIPRIA COUTURE – Heather Skin (L$0)
Takalo ( 240/218/144 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )



Author: Renee Lowenhart

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5 thoughts on “OMG, I LOVE this skin!

  1. The DSN system sends different things to different people each day, so clicking redeliver only works if you were supposed to get that particular item that day. More here: http://cleverthings.info/dsn/lang/en/documentation/faq/


  2. Ummm….

    I would like to ask you you correct your post, please.

    Designer Showcase network selects a RANDOM designer sample for EVERY subscriber. Which means that along with you, about 130 people got it out of all the 2079 subscribers in the Skins and Hair channel. All the other 1949 people got something else that day.

    That’s why it’s not a subscrib-o, and please do not confuse DSN with one. There is no ‘designer of the day’ in this system. Eventually — in about 16 days, at the moment, to be precise — a subscriber in the Skins and Hair channel will receive a single sample from every designer active in it, but there is no guarantee the samples will stay the same throughout these two weeks, just like there is no guarantee no new designers will decide to offer a sample in that channel and make that time longer, or that no designer will decide to leave the channel.

    Basically, if you didn’t receive that skin today, and got something else, hitting the redelivery button will only get you one more copy of that something else.

    P.S. It’s Designer Showcase Network, and not Domain Name Server, so the acronym “DNS” among your tags is also not a good idea.


  3. DSN doesn’t work like that. Can’t go in and pull stuff from it, it’s randomly given. So they’ll just have to wait until their turn for that sample comes up.


  4. Sorry. The functions are similar to a sub-o, therefore I called it a sub-o… if it quacks like a duck. I’m not going to explain how the system works detail by detail. One of the links leads to the Q&A page, people can read for themselves how it works.
    Thanks for explaining it in more detail, but the readers can click the link to read more about it. I will add an additional link that they can click for more info since the one currently on there is not obvious enough.
    FabFree gets over 5000 different hits, each from different people, a day. I was merely introducing the system to new people who may not be familiar with the system.
    @ Rika: DNS was obviously a typo. Especially Since I only made that mistake once. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. It shows I’m not perfect, even though I like to think I am. LOL



  5. And yet, I get people requesting the skin from *me* now because they got something else, and droves of people giving the system extra load by kicking the redelivery terminal to get the skin they aren’t getting that day anyway.

    I must insist that you fix the post and avoid such misrepresentation in the future.